Transparency Report
Token Info
The BTSE token powers the BTSE ecosystem and enhances your trading experience.
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Powering an Ecosystem
The BTSE token is carefully designed to augment your user experience on the BTSE exchange and within the BTSE ecosystem.
The First Exchange Token Built on a Bitcoin Sidechain
BTSE is the first exchange token running on Liquid, a Bitcoin sidechain-based settlement network for traders and exchanges. This gives BTSE inherent benefits:
Confidential Transactions
Liquid levels up your privacy by blinding transaction amounts and asset types.
Fast Transactions
Liquid blocks are produced every minute, and each transaction is finalized within three minutes.
Inter-Exchange Settlement
Liquid’s inter-exchange settlement makes it easier and faster than ever to move funds between member exchanges.
Hold BTSE tokens in your wallet and save up to 60% on your trading fees!
Your Trading Volume
1,000 BTC
Fee Discount
Example of an account holding 1,000 BTSE tokens and earning 20% referral bonus in the referral program
36% With BTSE Token
20% Without BTSE Token
Join BTSE Pro Traders and earn as you trade.
Increase your referral bonus by up to 40%.
Earn bonuses in campaigns and contests.
Enjoy increased limits and rebates.
Participate in BTSE's asset management offers.
Purchase products and services with your BTSE tokens.
Platform Services
Advanced Trading Functions
Listing Fees
...and more
Trade the token on BTSE's spot market.
Use BTSE token as margin collateral on your futures trades.
Choose your wallet to store your tokens.