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BTSE Elite is the subscription for your finances.
Unlock the full potential of Bitcoin through the applications that allow you to manage your finances intuitively and conveniently.
Your subscription gives you Elite access to all the elements of the BTSE ecosystem.
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Your Benefits
The BTSE Exchange
Lower your trading fees
Earn trading capital
Enjoy unlimited free account transfers
The BTSE Debit Card
Use your card globally without a bank account
Use your card everywhere MasterCard is accepted
Withdraw up to 2,000 EUR a day at ATMs around the world
Spend up to 100,000 EUR a month
Earn Bitcoin cashback
Enjoy preferred pricing on OTC quotes
Receive 0.02% commission when you refer friends
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What is BTSE Elite?
BTSE Elite is a subscription-based membership program designed by BTSE. Your membership gives you Elite access to the variety of financial products and applications developed by BTSE that allow you to conveniently and intuitively manage your finances.
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Who is BTSE Elite for?
BTSE Elite is for everyone who wants to use one or more BTSE applications to conveniently manage their finances. Through discounts, bonuses, and upgrades, your BTSE Elite membership upgrades your experience across all of BTSE’s financial applications.
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Do I have to verify my identity to become a BTSE Elite member?
You do not need to complete identity verification to be a BTSE Elite member. However, you can only apply for a debit card if you have passed the identity verification process.
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What is the BTSE Debit Card?
The BTSE Debit Card is a global debit card that can be used without a bank account and funded with multiple fiat and cryptocurrencies. The BTSE Debit Card ships worldwide excluding identified countries on the sanctions list. You can use your card to pay everywhere MasterCard is accepted. With your BTSE Elite membership, you get a free card.
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How Do I Pay for My BTSE Elite Membership?
You can pay for your subscription using any combination of fiat, crypto, and stablecoins in your BTSE spot wallet.
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What do I need to apply for the BTSE Debit Card?
In order to receive a debit card, you must first apply for the BTSE elite membership.You must also complete the BTSE identity verification with a valid Passport and Proof of Address.
* Chinese users are required to provide ID cards as address documents (ie. passport + ID card)
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