• BTSE, "bitsie" /ˈbɪtsi/, is a licensed multi-currency digital assets exchange and derivatives platform that innovates and delivers a one-stop solution bridging the gap between traditional fiat markets and the world of digital assets.

  • BTSE is founded by a team of professionals with extensive experience in a diverse range of backgrounds, from financial services to high-frequency algorithmic trading to bitcoin enthusiasts. The exchange offers services that traders have come to expect but are unable to obtain from other exchanges in one stop. Our ethos is to tailor BTSE towards fulfilling the needs of professional traders and institutional investors by providing usability and reliability on a platform with high liquidity and fast settlement, all in a trusted environment.

  • BTSE Commercial Brokers LLC (814684) and BTSE Payment Service Providers LLC (814678) are registered and licensed by the Department of Economic Development, Government of Dubai and is under the regulations of the Central Bank of United Arab Emirates. The companies adhere strictly to the quality standards set for Investment Strategies, Services and Financial Reporting by the Central Bank UAE.

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  • Telephone:
    +971 4551 6700

  • Jonathan Leong


    Coder since the age of 15, Jonathan has more than 20 years of experience developing high performance, mission-critical systems. Over the past 6 years, he has built many successful ventures fusing his deep knowledge of technology with business opportunities. Jonathan believes digital assets will transform the way we do business, live, work and play. He also runs a venture fund that invests in Fintech and compelling innovation drivers.

  • Brian Wong


    Brian has over 10 years of experience in trading and financial technology. Prior to joining BTSE, he worked at Goldman Sachs and built a successful high-speed trading venture that captured the inefficiencies in Asian financial markets.

  • Joshua Soh


    Joshua brings a wealth of organizational and operational dexterity gleaned from 24 years in the Infocomm-Media industry. He was previously General Manager for IBM Global Technology Services before taking the helm as Managing Director for Singapore & Brunei at Cisco Systems. Before joining BTSE, Joshua was CEO of a medtech company where he transformed their business into a managed service model culminating in a private sale.

  • Yew Chong Quak


    Over the span of 10 years, Yew Chong has held multiple key engineering roles with broad experiences ranging from building robust systems to network infrastructure to agile software development. His fervour for new technology and it's early adoption brings the best of breed to BTSE. YC previously held various engineering positions at SingTel and Macquarie Securities and successfully launched several trading applications.