Worldcoin’s Soaring Success; Virginia’s Bet on Blockchain; Japan Embraces Crypto Assets for VC

Written by BTSE

February 20, 2024


As morning broke across Asia this morning, Bitcoin remains a beacon of resilience, steadfastly hovering around the $52,000 mark. Ethereum, has meanwhile crossed the $2,900 threshold, marking a 1.3% increase and hinting at a burgeoning bullish momentum for Ethereum enthusiasts. Amidst these established giants, Worldcoin has once again captured traders’ attention – boasting a staggering 14% gain in the past 24 hours and an almost 200% leap over the last week. This surge is likely linked to the craze surrounding ChatGPT’s announcement of its AI video generation functionality, Sora, which has set the digital realm abuzz. The crypto industry continues to evolve, with each day bringing forth new developments that shape the market’s dynamics.


Worldcoin’s Soaring Success – Good News for Creditors? In a dramatic twist of fate, the meteoric rise of Worldcoin’s WLD tokens offers a glimmer of hope to creditors of Three Arrows Capital and the beleaguered FTX estate, both early investors in Worldcoin. The tokens’ value skyrocketed by over 200% in just a week, a boon for those entangled in the fallout of cryptocurrency ventures gone awry. This unforeseen surge, propelled by the buzz around ChatGPT’s new video generation tool, Sora, has not only captivated the crypto community but also positioned Worldcoin at the forefront of investment discussions. But as the excitement builds, a looming token unlock worth $165 million threatens to temper the rally. How might this upcoming unlock impact Worldcoin’s valuation and the broader crypto market?


Virginia’s Conservative Bet on Blockchain: The US state of Virginia takes a measured step into the future with the establishment of a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Commission, earmarking a modest annual budget of $17,192. This initiative aims to delve into the complexities of blockchain technology and its implications for the digital economy. While the funding might seem minimal, especially when compared to allocations for other commissions, it represents a foundational step towards integrating blockchain into the state’s legislative framework. Is this merely a modest investment, or an exciting signal for crypto enthusiasts and investors alike from the US? 


Japan Embraces Crypto Assets for Venture Capital: In a groundbreaking move, Japan’s cabinet has green-lit a bill that would allow venture capital firms and investment funds to hold crypto assets. This legislative shift is the latest in Japan’s innovative Web3 & blockchain policies, potentially catalyzing investment in startups at the intersection of technology and finance. As the bill moves to parliament for approval, the global crypto community watches closely, anticipating the ripple effects of Japan’s decision. Could Japan’s embrace of crypto assets for venture capital set a new global standard for investment in Web3 and blockchain startups?

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