Trump and Biden Memecoins to Watch Out for This Election Year

Written by BTSE

June 5, 2024

With the upcoming election in November, both presidential candidates are intensifying their efforts to rally support. Current sitting President Joe Biden is striving to secure another four-year term, while Donald Trump is aiming to reclaim the presidency he lost to his rival. This rivalry has even extended into the world of cryptocurrencies, with each side having their own tokens.

On the Republican side, we have memecoins based on Donald Trump. His campaign is the first of any presidential campaign to accept cryptocurrency donations. Trump, a former critic turned supporter of cryptocurrency, holds over $14 million in crypto assets, according to Arkham Intelligence. Despite initial dips in the value of Trump-themed tokens following the verdict on 34 felony counts, the tokens have not plummeted to the extent many had anticipated.


TRUMP is a memecoin built on the Ethereum blockchain. TRUMP prides itself in donating proceeds to help US veterans and children, partnering with the National Veterans Homeless Support and Veterans for Child Rescue.

Doland Tremp (TREMP)

Minted on February 28 of this year, TREMP is another Trump-based token, built on the Solana blockchain. Its satirical meme characteristics extend beyond its name, with purposely, hilariously misspelled content on its website. Memes on its X account have attracted much traffic in recent months.

Make America Great Again (MAGA)


A third Donald Trump meme token that we offer on BTSE, MAGA celebrates the iconic “Make America Great Again” hat that Donald Trump infamously wears to campaigns and events. As we get closer to election week, be sure to keep an eye on this coin as well.


Jeo Boden (BODEN)


For a memecoin from the Democratic party, we have Jeo Boden (BODEN), a satirical reference to Joe Biden. As a candidate running for re-election, he is facing a lot of issues: Ukraine, inflation, illegal immigration, and more; recent polls show he is trailing Trump. Most recently, he vetoed a proposal that would have overturned the SEC SAB121 bill, which many consider to be an anti-crypto move.

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*Disclaimer: The tokens mentioned in this article have no connection to or been endorsed by the presidential candidates mentioned in this post. 


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