Tether Recovers Stolen Funds, Tensor Launches Governance Token, and CoinShares Taps into Bitcoin ETF

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March 13, 2024

Tether Recovers Stolen Funds, Tensor Launches Governance Token, and CoinShares Taps into Bitcoin ETF

Overnight in Asia, Bitcoin (BTC) experienced a significant drop of $4.3K due to unexpectedly high February CPI data, signaling persistent inflation in the U.S. However, Bitcoin’s price quickly recovered, currently trading at $72,128. This volatility resulted in the liquidation of over $360 million worth of leveraged derivatives positions, predominantly longs. Despite initial reactions, the inflation figures have sparked discussions regarding the Federal Reserve’s potential interest rate adjustments, affecting both Bitcoin’s value and investor sentiment.


What to Watch Out for Today


1. Tether’s Security Triumph: Tether, in partnership with the U.S. DOJ and FBI, has managed to reclaim $1.4 million in stolen USDT, marking a historic recovery of cryptocurrency. This case highlights the risks of customer support scams, especially those targeting vulnerable populations like the elderly. For crypto holders, staying vigilant against fraud and understanding the mechanisms for fund recovery is crucial.


2. Solana’s NFT Marketplace Innovates: Tensor, a platform on Solana for NFTs, is launching a governance token, $TNSR, shifting control to its community. This development underscores the growing trend of decentralized governance in crypto. For NFT enthusiasts and investors, this could be a signal to engage more deeply with Tensor and similar platforms, potentially benefiting from early involvement in governance token distributions. 


3. CoinShares Expands with Valkyrie Acquisition: By acquiring Valkyrie Funds, CoinShares not only grows its U.S. market presence but also adds a Bitcoin ETF to its portfolio. This move consolidates around $530 million in assets under management, emphasizing strategic growth in the digital asset space. Investors interested in the expanding landscape of cryptocurrency investment vehicles should watch CoinShares’ movements closely, as they indicate broader trends in crypto ETF offerings. Long Bitcoin ETFs?


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