Taiwan Completes CBDC Study while the U.K. & South Korea’s Crypto Regulations Evolve

Written by BTSE

December 12, 2023

Bitcoin has experienced its steepest daily drawdown since August, plunging over 7% as the crypto market undergoes a significant correction. In a dramatic “flash crash,” Bitcoin’s value dropped sharply from around $43,800 to near $40,500, only to partially rebound. Market strategists from LMAX suggest this pullback, by flushing out excess leverage, may set the stage for a potential rally towards year-end highs. As the largest cryptocurrency steadies above $41,000, despite the downturn, the crypto community is left pondering: Could this be a precursor to a robust upward movement for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?


Taiwan Completes Wholesale CBDC Technical Study Amid Global CBDC Trends: In a recent development, just in time for Taipei Blockchain Week, Taiwan’s central bank has completed a crucial technical study on a wholesale Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). Deputy Governor Chu Mei-lie highlighted the study’s importance for the future of banking and financial stability, acknowledging both the potential benefits and risks associated with CBDCs. With the world’s financial institutions increasingly interested in digital currencies, this raises a significant question: Could a CDBC from such an up-and-coming economy shake up the stablecoin scene?


UK’s Slow Pace in Crypto Regulation: A Call for Speedier Action? The UK’s National Audit Office has criticized the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for its sluggish approach in enforcing crypto regulations. Highlighting the FCA’s delays in registering crypto firms and action against crypto ATMs, the report contrasts this pace with recent aggressive U.S. regulatory actions. With the FCA gaining new powers and dealing with a significant number of unregulated crypto activities, the question arises: How could an accelerated timeline on UK regulation affect crypto markets? 


South Korea Tightens Crypto Exchange Regulations: A Model for Consumer Protection? South Korea’s Financial Services Commission has proposed stringent rules to safeguard customers of virtual asset service providers. Scheduled to take effect in July 2024, these rules aim to punish unfair trading activities and require exchanges to secure customer deposits rigorously. As South Korea intensifies its regulatory efforts in the crypto sector, it leads to an essential query: Could these tightened regulations impact the crypto environment in the Asian crypto hub? 


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