Standard Chartered Predicts ETH Price Surge, Visa’s Global Crypto Expansion, and Animoca’s Blockchain Gaming Breakthrough

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January 31, 2024

Standard Chartered Predicts ETH Price Surge, Visa's Global Crypto Expansion, and Animoca's Blockchain Gaming Breakthrough

The Solana (SOL) network has experienced a notable surge in activity, fueling a bullish outlook among crypto traders for SOL. With a significant price jump to $101.14, marking an increase of over 20% after a dip below $80 last week, the enthusiasm is palpable. This surge in interest and trading volume is largely driven by the anticipation of upcoming token airdrops within the Solana ecosystem, reflecting increased confidence in its potential and future prospects.


What to Watch Out for Today


1. Ether’s Potential Price Surge: Standard Chartered forecasts a possible 70% increase in Ethereum’s (ETH) value to $4,000 by May, anticipating U.S. approval of spot-based Ether ETFs. This is akin to the Bitcoin ETF scenario. What’s significant? The potential approval on May 23 could mark a major milestone for Ethereum investors. Keep an eye on SEC decisions and consider Ethereum’s unique position compared to Bitcoin in your investment strategy. Long ETH?


2. Visa’s Crypto-to-Fiat Game Changer: Visa’s partnership with Transak allows crypto withdrawals to Visa debit cards in 145 countries. This bridges crypto and traditional finance, simplifying transactions globally. What does this mean? A major leap in crypto usability, offering investors and users more flexibility and convenience. If you’re into crypto spending or investing, this could revolutionize your transactions.


3. Animoca’s Gasless Ethereum Gaming Revolution: Animoca Brands collaborates with LightLink for gas-free transactions in Ethereum-based games. This partnership aims to make blockchain gaming more user-friendly. This can be seen as a significant stride in making blockchain technology more accessible for everyday use. Gamers and blockchain enthusiasts, watch out for a smoother gaming experience and broader Web3 adoption.


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