Stablecoins, Trust, and the Crypto Landscape: Insights from BTSE x First Digital AMA

Written by BTSE

September 4, 2023

BTSE x First Digital Labs: Exclusive AMA on X Spaces

In an AMA hosted by BTSE on August 31, 2023, Karen Tang, Head of Communications and Strategic Partnerships at First Digital, delved deep into the world of stablecoins, FDUSD, and the future of crypto regulations.


Key Takeaways


What is FDUSD?

  • FDUSD is a US dollar-pegged stablecoin developed in Hong Kong, available on the Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain.
  • Launched by First Digital, it intends to bring more diversification to the stablecoin market.


The Need for FDUSD in the Crypto Ecosystem:

  • There’s been a prevailing “crypto winter” resulting in a trust gap and a need for enhanced protection of digital assets.
  • FDUSD offers transparency, stability, and utility, especially in light of recent market fluctuations and external events.


The Value Proposition of FDUSD:

  • FDUSD doesn’t rely on the US banking ecosystem, thus avoiding systemic risks.
  • It leverages blockchain technology to offer programmability and additional utilities, like executing financial contracts without intermediaries.
  • FDUSD’s reserves are in cash and highly liquid assets, ensuring ease of redemption.


Potential for Web 3 Users:

  • Stablecoins allow for the composability of services, interoperating with smart contracts to usher in innovations across sectors.


The Future Landscape of Stablecoins:

  • Digital assets are expected to gain wider acceptance among investors.
  • Countries in Asia, like Singapore and Hong Kong, are gradually developing favorable regulatory frameworks for digital assets.


First Digital’s Future Plans:

  • Continuation of FDUSD’s growth, which achieved a $300 million market cap in just over a month.
  • The team is actively seeking strategic partnerships and exploring new product avenues like staking, tokenization of real-world assets (RWAs), and smart contracts.


Concluding Thoughts:

First Digital, with its focus on transparency and regulation adherence, is positioned to ride the wave of stablecoin popularity. With potential regulations in the offing in Hong Kong, FDUSD aspires to be among the first regulated stablecoins in the region, marking a significant step forward in bridging the trust gap prevalent in the crypto market.


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