Increasing Max Leverage for Solana Perpetual Futures (SOL-PERP) to 50x

Written by BTSE

April 26, 2024

BTSE Important Update

Starting on April 30, 16:00 (UTC +8), the max leverage allowed for trading Solana Perpetual Futures (SOL-PERP) will be increased from 20x to 50x. 

This is in response to increasingly high demand for Solana futures trading on BTSE. 


Risk Limit Level Changes


Please note that the maintenance margin requirements will change. The maintenance margin requirements will change depending on your risk limit level (which can be adjusted).

If your existing position size is higher than the contract size for the new risk limit level, you will have to adjust your risk limit level first before adding to or reducing the position size.

Note that upon adjusting the risk limit level, the BTSE platform may require you to top up your margin. Please make sure that you have enough margin in your futures wallet.


  • The new risk limit level and respective maintenance margin details are below:
  • Level 1: Maintenance Margin %: 1.5% , Max contract size: 250
  • Level 2: Maintenance Margin %: 2.0% , Max contract size: 500
  • Level 3: Maintenance Margin %: 2.5% , Max contract size: 750
  • Level 4: Maintenance Margin %: 3.0% , Max contract size: 1000
  • Level 5: Maintenance Margin %: 3.5% , Max contract size: 1250
  • Level 6: Maintenance Margin %: 4.0% , Max contract size: 1500
  • Level 7: Maintenance Margin %: 4.5% , Max contract size: 1750
  • Level 8: Maintenance Margin %: 5.0% , Max contract size: 2000
  • Level 9: Maintenance Margin %: 5.5% , Max contract size: 2250
  • Level 10: Maintenance Margin %: 6.0% , Max contract size: 2500


The changes to each risk limit level’s requirements will occur by the end of the day on April 30.

Lastly, note that the ROE % on your futures trading interface may change. However, your unrealized P&L will not experience changes. 

If you have further questions, please contact us at




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