SEC ETF Drama, El Salvador’s Bitcoin Triumph, and FOX’s Blockchain Media Move

Written by BTSE

January 10, 2024

SEC ETF Drama, El Salvador's Bitcoin Triumph, and FOX's Blockchain Media Move

Bitcoin (BTC) experienced a whirlwind of price swings on Tuesday following a false U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) social media post declaring the approval of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETF). Following the false post on X (formerly Twitter), BTC surged 2.5% to a 19-month high of $47,900,  sparking widespread excitement. However, the market’s mood quickly shifted as the price of Bitcoin tumbled nearly 6% to $45,100 after it emerged that the SEC’s account had been compromised and SEC Chair Gary Gensler refuted the announcement.


What to Watch Out for Today


1. SEC Scrutiny Amidst Bitcoin ETF Confusion: A compromised social media post from the U.S. SEC mistakenly announcing a Bitcoin ETF has sparked calls for investigation. Why the alarm? The incident raises serious questions about market manipulation risks and the SEC’s information security protocols. With politicians and lawyers demanding answers, the SEC’s next moves could significantly impact cryptocurrency regulation and market confidence. What’s the takeaway? Investors and crypto enthusiasts, keep your eyes peeled for regulatory updates and market responses. 


2. El Salvador’s Bitcoin Bet Turns Profitable: After a two-year wait, El Salvador’s Bitcoin investment is finally in the green. What’s the catalyst? A recent surge in Bitcoin value, buoyed by anticipation of a U.S. Bitcoin ETF approval, has pushed El Salvador’s BTC holdings into profitable territory. This marks a significant turnaround for President Nayib Bukele’s bold crypto venture. What should you consider? If you’re interested in making national-level crypto investments, El Salvador’s journey offers a fascinating case study in risk and reward. Long Bitcoin?


3. FOX Corp Leverages Blockchain for Media Authentication: FOX Corporation introduces ‘Verify’, a blockchain-based protocol to ensure digital media authenticity. Why does this matter? In an era where misinformation is a growing concern, verifying the authenticity of digital media is paramount. Developed with Polygon PoS, Verify allows publishers to register media as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, offering indisputable proof of authenticity. What’s the potential impact? Content creators and consumers, take note: this technology could revolutionize the way we consume and trust digital media. 


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