Running Multiple Futures Positions with Isolated Margins

Written by BTSE

July 2, 2024

running multiple futures positions

With isolated mode, you can now set up multiple long and short positions, and any liquidations will only pertain to collateral for each position.


Creating Multiple Futures Positions with Isolated Margins

After you’ve toggled on Isolated mode for a specific contract, you need to choose Multiple Mode by clicking on Settings (the three dots on the top right), then Trading Preferences. Then, switch the mode from “One Way Mode” to Multiple Mode.

button for settings

trading preferences

position mode

multiple positions

Here’s a brief reminder of what traders can do with Hedge Mode and Multiple Mode:

position mode options

mode comparison

Once you’ve done that, let’s add some more positions. 

Below I create three separate futures positions for the time-dated Bitcoin futures contract set to expire at the end of September, two long and one short.

multiple positions sample

Position details

In a scenario where the market goes up, I’ll make money off my long-biased positions, and lose money off my short position. If the market goes down, then it’s likely that my long positions will get liquidated or closed due to stop loss orders, but I’ll still make money off my short position as a hedge. 


Key Takeaways


  • With isolated margin mode, you can isolate liquidation risk within specific markets for futures positions. 
  • This also enables you to turn on Multiple Mode. Previously, you could run one or two (long and short positions); now you can run multiple positions (up to 5 total) for the same futures contract, such as BTC-PERP. 
  • You can also run multiple trading bots as well for each market as you see fit. 




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