Minecraft Welcomes Worldcoin, Japan Considers Ending Crypto Tax, HashDex Names Bitcoin Custodian

Written by BTSE

December 26, 2023

In a significant market movement, the Solana blockchain’s native token, SOL, surged past the $100 mark on Saturday, reaching a price not seen since before Terra’s collapse over a year ago. Currently trading around $102, SOL’s value has soared more than tenfold in 2023, with a staggering 70% increase in December alone. This uptick marks a period of intense trading that has propelled Solana’s on-chain activity, challenging Uniswap’s multibillion-dollar trading volumes. Meanwhile, Bitcoin holds steady around $43K, with Ethereum maintaining a robust $2.2K. Will Solana continue its meteoric rise, and what could this mean for the broader crypto landscape?


Minecraft Welcomes Worldcoin Despite NFT Ban: Minecraft, renowned for its global popularity and addictive gameplay, has surprisingly announced a partnership with Worldcoin. This decision comes despite Microsoft and Mojang’s prior ban on blockchain technologies within the game, including NFTs and cryptocurrency rewards. Worldcoin’s integration, using its unique IrisCode for user verification, aims to enhance player authenticity and combat bot interference. This move raises questions about the future direction of blockchain technologies in gaming. Could integration in world-famous video game Minecraft signal a turning point for Worldcoin?


Japan Considers Ending Tax on Unrealized Crypto Asset Gains: The Japanese government has taken a bold step towards fostering its Web3 industry by proposing to eliminate taxes on unrealized cryptocurrency gains. This significant policy shift, awaiting parliamentary debate, is expected to resolve discrepancies in asset taxation and invigorate the Web3 sector. The move reflects Japan’s commitment to economic reform and innovation in the crypto space. Could this reinvigorate the interest of crypto investors in Japan?


HashDex Names BitGo as Bitcoin Custodian: Hashdex, in its quest for launching a Bitcoin ETF, has recently updated its S-1 filing, naming BitGo as its custodian. This development is a crucial step in their ongoing efforts, amidst broader industry anticipation for the U.S.’s first spot bitcoin ETF. The SEC’s upcoming decision, expected early next year, holds significant implications for the cryptocurrency market. As we approach the SEC’s deadline, how will the potential approval of a Bitcoin ETF shape the future of cryptocurrency investments in the U.S.?


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