Market Roundup: Bitcoin’s $38K Milestone, KyberSwap’s Hacker Showdown, and Fidelity’s Bold Ether ETF Move

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December 1, 2023

Market Roundup: Bitcoin's $38K Milestone, KyberSwap's Hacker Showdown, and Fidelity's Bold Ether ETF Move

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 (as of 11:30 AM Singapore Time, December 1, 2023)

This week in the world of cryptocurrencies was marked by pivotal macroeconomic developments – the crypto market responded to signals from the U.S. Federal Reserve Governor Chris Waller – with notable reactions across various digital assets. Acknowledging a slowdown in the economy and a favorable trend in inflation rates, Waller hinted at a potential shift in the Federal Reserve’s policy, suggesting that rate cuts might be on the horizon if the current trend continues. 

This possibility has injected a wave of optimism into the market, influencing not only major cryptocurrencies, but traditional markets too – The 10-year Treasury yield has decreased by four basis points, settling at 4.35%, while the dollar index has experienced a 0.4% decline. At the same time, gold has seen a 1.3% increase, reaching $2,038 per ounce.

But enough about traditional markets. Amidst this backdrop of macroeconomic developments, Bitcoin (BTC) has repeatedly tested the $38K price barrier, showcasing its resilience and robust market behavior. This week, BTC reached its highest level this year at $38,356, rallying over 1% to $37,700, following Waller’s remarks. These developments underscore Bitcoin’s sensitivity to global economic indicators and its role as a barometer for broader market sentiment.

Ethereum (ETH), while maintaining a steady performance above the $2K mark, displayed less sensitivity to the recent macroeconomic news. Although ETH briefly surpassed the $2.1K level last week, it has yet to rechallenge that high. Nevertheless, Ethereum’s consistent performance above $2K signals strong market confidence in its long-term value.

Looking into the future, the crypto market remains buoyant with positive forecasts. Standard Chartered Bank continues to hold an optimistic view, especially for Bitcoin. They reiterated their April prediction earlier this week, anticipating BTC to reach the $100,000 milestone by the end of 2024.

The key to this outlook is the expected approval of several U.S.-based spot bitcoin ETFs in the first quarter of 2024, potentially paving the way for substantial institutional investment in both Bitcoin and Ethereum. Additionally, the upcoming Bitcoin ‘halving’ event in late April 2024, a significant supply-limiting mechanism, is poised to further catalyze the cryptocurrency’s price appreciation.

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Web3 News


  • Growth in Solana’s DeFi Ecosystem Amidst Price Rally: Solana’s decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem has witnessed a significant surge, achieving a 204% year-to-date growth. The total value locked (TVL) in Solana DeFi reached over $640 million, marking a 5.27% increase in 24 hours and propelling it to the 8th position among top DeFi chains. This growth comes alongside a more than 10% rally in SOL’s price, with the cryptocurrency reclaiming the $60 level. However, the current TVL still falls short of its all-time high of over $10 billion recorded in 2021. High network activity was observed with a spike in decentralized exchange (DEX) trading volume and daily transactions, hitting a three-month high. These developments, coupled with strategic partnerships with entities like Visa and Shopify, signal robust user influx and growing interest in Solana’s DeFi ecosystem, despite previous setbacks linked to the FTX exchange collapse.


  • KyberSwap Hacker’s Demand: A hacker responsible for a $45 million exploit on KyberSwap, a decentralized protocol, has demanded full control of the protocol in exchange for refunding the stolen funds. Promising a complete overhaul of KyberSwap, the hacker’s demands include the resignation of current management and a transfer of all documents and assets to their control. This unusual scenario highlights vulnerabilities in decentralized finance systems and puts pressure on KyberSwap’s decision-makers as the deadline approaches​​​​.


  • Fidelity’s Ether ETF Proposal and SEC’s Public Comment Request: The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has invited public comments on a proposal by Fidelity to list and trade shares of its Ethereum Fund. If approved, this would be a significant step towards the introduction of a U.S.-regulated, exchange-traded vehicle for Ether, providing a safer investment channel for U.S. investors currently facing riskier alternatives to gain Ether exposure. The SEC has not yet approved any spot cryptocurrency ETFs in the U.S., making this a potentially landmark decision in mainstream crypto adoption​​.


Stories You May Have Missed


  • Microstrategy’s Bitcoin Investment: Microstrategy, a major corporate holder of Bitcoin, intensified its investment strategy in November by purchasing approximately 16,130 BTC, worth around $608 million. This significant acquisition, bought at an average price of around $36,785 per coin, expanded its holdings to 174,530 BTC, marking a 10% increase within a month. This aggressive investment move aligns with the company’s bullish stance on Bitcoin, despite a slight drop in its share price​​.


  • Brazil’s New Crypto Tax Law: The Brazilian Senate has passed a bill that proposes a 15% tax on earnings from cryptocurrencies held on international exchanges. Set to take effect from January 1, 2024, if sanctioned by the President, this law targets Brazilians earning over $1,200 from foreign exchanges and single-shareholder investment funds. This move comes as cryptocurrencies gain increasing popularity in Brazil, ranking ninth globally in crypto adoption​​.


  • Crypto Leaders in Forbes’ ’30 Under 30′: Forbes’ latest ’30 Under 30′ list for finance leaders in North America features a strong presence from the crypto sector. Nearly half of the honorees, 13 out of 30, are founders and executives with backgrounds in crypto. Notable inclusions are the co-founders of Sei Labs, Toku, Injective Labs, Layer3, and a general partner at Blockchain Capital. These young leaders represent the growing influence and innovation of the crypto industry in mainstream finance​​​​​​.


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