Join the BTSE Affiliate Program Today!

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October 25, 2023

Join the BTSE Affiliate Program Today!

Are you a content creator, community leader, blogger, or thought leader? Leverage your influence by joining BTSE’s global Affiliate Program today. With BTSE, monetizing your reach is a breeze. We offer the highest commission rates in the industry!


About the BTSE Affiliate Program


As a BTSE affiliate, you’ll share your unique referral link with your network. Invite your friends, followers, and community members to trade on BTSE. You can also upgrade your referrals to “Partner” status, and share commission rates with them for both spot and futures trading. Commission rates can be shared in increments of 1%, enabling your partners to further refer users.

Here’s an example:

Suppose Affiliate A has a Spot commission rate of 50% and a Futures commission rate of 40%. Affiliate A decides to share 30% of the Spot and 35% of the Futures commission with Partner B. Now, when Partner B shares the referral link with User C, the commission from User C’s trading fees will be distributed as follows:

  • Affiliate A:
    • Spot: 50% – 30% = 20%
    • Futures: 40% – 35% = 5%
  • Partner B:
    • Spot: 30%
    • Futures: 35%


Upon successful sign-ups through your referral link or your partners’ referral links, and subsequent trading in futures or spot markets, you’ll earn a rebate on their transaction fees. It’s that simple – share your referral link and earn unlimited rebates!


Join the BTSE Affiliate Program in Three Easy Steps:


1. Apply: Fill out the application form to join the BTSE Affiliate Program. We pride ourselves on offering the highest rebate on transaction fees in the industry from both spot and futures trades.

2. Generate Your Unique Referral Link: Once approved, we’ll provide you with an exclusive referral link tailored just for you.

3. Invite and Earn: Share your unique referral link across your community, social channels, or with your followers to invite new users to start trading on BTSE.


Join BTSE’s Affiliate Program now!

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