Invesco’s ETF Debut, Tether’s Cash Game, and MetaMask’s New Security Measures

Written by BTSE

November 1, 2023

Invesco’s ETF Debut, Tether’s Cash Game, and MetaMask’s New Security Measures

Looking back at October, crypto prices surged, with Bitcoin (BTC) rising over 27% to a 17-month peak of $35,000. This surge was largely driven by optimism about potential U.S. approval of Bitcoin ETFs. The overall crypto market capitalization increased by nearly 19% to $1.255 trillion. ETFs, being more accessible to average investors than other Bitcoin investment options, could significantly impact the market. 


What to Watch Out for Today


1. Invesco Galaxy’s BTC ETF Gaining Traction: The ticker for Invesco and Galaxy’s spot Bitcoin ETF, BTCO, has made its debut on the DTCC site. Does this mean instant approval? Not necessarily. But the move does signify progression in its application. So, what’s the next move? If you’re tracking investment trends, Bitcoin ETFs are gaining momentum, but it might be better to wait for the final nod from regulators before jumping the gun. Long Bitcoin?


2. Tether’s Strong Liquidity Game: Tether’s recent report reveals that a whopping 85.7% of its reserves are in cash and cash equivalents. With the lion’s share being U.S. T-Bills and Tether’s USDT stablecoin owning 68.4% of the total market, they’re certainly making waves. Why does this matter? Tether users can feel a bit more reassured about its backing. For those in the crypto sphere, always keep an eye on the financial clarity of stablecoin issuers. 


3. MetaMask’s New Defense Against Scams: Partnering up with security firm Blockaid, MetaMask introduces a feature aimed at curbing scams and malicious hacks. This tool, the Privacy Preserving Offline Module (PPOM), brings transaction validation to the offline space before any signatures. The bottom line? If you’re a MetaMask user or plan to be, expect enhanced security measures. With cyber threats on the rise, this move by MetaMask is certainly timely. Always prioritize platforms with top-tier security protocols. 


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