How to Earn BIG with BTSE – Here’s what you need to know

Written by BTSE

February 22, 2024

How to earn big with BTSE

Staking and earn products are a core part of the crypto industry. Users stake their crypto to validate transactions or lend it to other parties (presumably for trading), and they get a fixed return over a period of time. 

Staking and earning is perfect for buy-and-hold users who prefer to hold their investments over the long run – the type of user that deposits 10k USDT worth of Bitcoin every three months and never checks the market. 

At BTSE, we offer competitive yield rates for both stablecoins and altcoins. For example, we offer earn products for five different stablecoins: USDT, USDC, FDUSD, USDP, and DAI. 

earn big with btse

Our most popular product is the USDT earn product, which returns 9% for the fixed product, and 7% for the flexible product. For fixed products – you only get the money if you hold it to maturity – that’s why the yield is slightly higher. 

We also offer earn products for altcoins – up to 18.4% APY for AXS and 12.7% for OM. For more mainstream layer 1 tokens like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana, we offer 2.75%, 2.75%, and 4.67%, respectively. 

how to earn big with btse layer 1 chains

To check out our earn products, click on Earn on the mobile app, or check out the link here

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