Harmonizing DeFi and CeFi: Insights from BTSE CEO Henry at Rewire The Block, Hack Taipei

Written by BTSE

December 13, 2023

Rewrite The Block, Hack Taipei

At the “Rewire The Block, Hack Taipei” event that took place December 12, 2023, BTSE CEO Henry Liu (far right) offered valuable insights on the DeFi landscape during the “DeFi Revolution: Transforming Financial Frontiers” panel. He discussed the harmonious coexistence of DeFi and CeFi, emphasizing the advantages of DeFi in terms of flexibility, innovation, and asset utilization. Henry highlighted the role of BTSE in supporting DeFi projects, from integration to liquidity provision, underscoring the importance of education and user-friendly tools for DeFi adoption.

He acknowledged the inherent complexity in DeFi, advocating for a balance between security and accessibility. This involves creating simpler interfaces without compromising the security measures necessary to prevent exploits. Henry used an analogy of a social interaction at a party to illustrate the need for DeFi to be approachable and understandable to a broader audience.

Moreover, he outlined BTSE’s vision for the future, focusing on improved on-ramp solutions and innovative approaches like non-identified KYC. This strategy aims to enhance the user experience while ensuring safety and compliance. Henry’s perspective sheds light on the evolving landscape of DeFi and the pivotal role exchanges like BTSE play in bridging the gap between traditional and decentralized finance.


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