Google Cloud Joins Flare; Solana Releases Second Smartphone; Ubisoft Backs Another Crypto Gaming Network

Written by BTSE

January 16, 2024

The crypto market is showing mixed signals as Bitcoin hovers around $42.6K, a modest climb but still significantly below its pre-ETF peak of $47K. Ethereum manages to maintain stability at around $2.5K despite market fluctuations. Meanwhile, Solana experiences a slight dip of 0.78% to $95, remaining below its recent highs. The question arises: are these movements temporary adjustments or signs of a more significant trend in a post-ETF crypto world?


Google Cloud Joins ‘Blockchain of Data’ Flare as Validator: Stepping into the blockchain sphere, Google Cloud has allied with Flare blockchain as a validator and infrastructure provider. This partnership is a notable development for Flare, known as “the blockchain for data,” as it provides developers access to decentralized data through its Oracle system. Following this news, Flare’s native token, FLR, saw a 4% increase. The presence of Google Cloud as an infrastructure provider underscores the ongoing blockchain adoption among tech giants. How will this collaboration shape the future of decentralized data access? Can the industry expect to witness further similar collaborations?


Solana Mobile to Release Second Crypto Smartphone: Solana Mobile is set to launch its second crypto smartphone, building on the unexpected success of its first model, Saga. The new phone promises similar features like an onboard crypto wallet and a dApp store but at a more affordable price and with varied hardware. The limited supply of the original Saga led to a booming secondary market, with prices skyrocketing on platforms like eBay. With the new release, Solana Mobile aims to meet the growing demand for crypto smartphones in the niche market of crypto traders and NFT collectors. Will the new smartphone replicate the success of its predecessor and further integrate crypto into everyday technology?


Ubisoft Backs Crypto Gaming Network Wemix: Ubisoft, the acclaimed publisher behind games like Assassin’s Creed, is expanding its footprint in the blockchain gaming world by partnering with WeMade’s Wemix. As a member of Wemix’s blockchain node council, Ubisoft will be running validator nodes for the new “Wemix 3.0” network, an Ethereum-compatible blockchain. This move signifies Ubisoft’s growing interest in blockchain technology and its potential in reshaping the gaming landscape. How will Ubisoft’s involvement influence the development and adoption of blockchain in the gaming industry?


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