Getting Started with Trading on BTSE – Five Things to Know 

Written by BTSE

February 21, 2024

If you’re trading on BTSE for the first time, there are a few things you need to know about our platform. 

We’re not a typical trading platform – we strive to provide the best possible experience for traders – on both desktop and mobile app versions. 

BTSE users can buy crypto with 17 different fiat currencies

BTSE offers great fiat on/off ramps. Our network of crypto-friendly banks and payment providers is unmatched,  and we can offer over 17 different fiat currencies for you to buy/sell crypto with. 

So if you’re someone who struggles with finding a way to convert your money to crypto, try BTSE. 

How many fiat currencies does BTSE support


BTSE offers over 150 cryptocurrencies for trading

On BTSE, traders can trade ~150 of the best, most liquid cryptocurrencies out there on the market. While other exchanges might offer smaller, more niche cryptocurrencies that are only listed on DEXs, we strive to curate the most quality, liquid ones for our users to trade. Our token listings team vets all projects carefully to avoid frauds and pump-and-dumps. 

How many cryptocurrencies does BTSE support


BTSE offers multiple order types for both beginner and pro traders 

We offer stop loss and take profit orders – and more importantly, we offer them on our mobile app as well – so you can trade on the go. 

Different order types crypto

Traders can set up customized price alerts

We also offer the ability for traders to set up their own price alerts for certain cryptocurrencies – these alerts are sent via push notification whenever the price fluctuates by a predetermined percentage point. 

This feature is perfect for traders who want to stay abreast of the markets.

Set up price alerts

Traders can set up their own watchlist of tokens

Traders can also set up their own customized watchlist – for both spot and futures products. This watch list is directly located on the app’s home page – all the user has to do is scroll down to see it. Here are just some of the simple spot trading features that BTE offers on its app. If you’re a more advanced trader and want to learn more about futures trading, you can check out our next article here. 

Set up your watchlist

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