Getting Started with Trading Futures on BTSE

Written by BTSE

February 21, 2024

So you’re ready for the big leagues. 

Trading futures is one of the hallmarks of becoming an advanced trader. With a small initial margin, you can trade millions of dollars worth of futures in a day. But you can also lose it all very quickly. 

BTSE prides itself on providing advanced traders with key features that enable them to hedge and make money on futures. What’s more is that we offer these features on our mobile app as well – so you can trade on the go. 

Here’s a few things you need to know before you get started. 


BTSE traders can access over 50 contracts with up to 100x leverage on perpetual futures. 

With these products, you can go long or short on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and leading altcoins. While we offer 100x leverage on Bitcoin and Ethereum, most altcoins are limited to 20x leverage. Quarterly-dated futures are also available for Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

How many contracts are there on BTSE


BTSE traders can set up margin call notifications

On the BTSE app, traders can customize margin call notifications and receive a message whenever they are close to getting liquidated – this range could be as high as 25% and as low as 15%. 

Such a function is crucial when your money is on the line and markets are volatile. 

set up margin call notifications


BTSE traders can go long and short on a contract with hedge mode

Another way to prevent losses is to turn on hedge mode – enabling you to go both long and short on a specific contract. This will mitigate risk and losses in case the market turns against your bet. 

For example, you might run a long position for 1 BTC, and short position for 0.5 BTC. If the market goes up, you make money, though less so than if you had a naked long position. 

However, the benefit is if the market unexpectedly drops. In this case, you might only lose some of your money instead of getting liquidated altogether. 

set up hedge mode


Traders on BTSE can reverse their futures positions with one click

Another way to adapt to volatile markets is to reverse your futures position. 

For example, if you have a long 1 BTC futures position but the market is starting to drop, and you think it’ll continue to drop over the next few days, you can click Reverse Position to unwind your long position and build a short 1 BTC futures position in the other direction. 

This feature makes sense for traders who want to move quickly and seamlessly. 

Set up reverse position


BTSE traders can set up or copy existing trading bots

BTSE offers futures grid trading bots. If you’re a pro trader, you can program your own bot to schedule buy and sell orders at certain price intervals within a range. 

For example if Bitcoin is hovering between 48k and 52k, and you think it’ll continue to bounce within this range over the next two weeks, you can set up a bot with 50 buy orders below the 50k midpoint, and 50 sell orders above the 50k midpoint. 

Using a bot would make your life easier as you wouldn’t have to be constantly checking the markets. And since you’re levered with futures, the profits would be much higher than a typical buy low, sell high spot trading strategy. 

If you’re new to trading, however, you can simply copy a pro trader’s strategy and watch how the orders are executed over time. 

Are you ready to start trading futures? Click Futures on the BTSE app or check out the contracts here.

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