Exploring the Post-Halving Price Predictions for Bitcoin: Expert Edition

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April 11, 2024

Exploring the Post-Halving Price Predictions for Bitcoin: Expert Edition

The Bitcoin community is on the edge of its seat as the next halving event draws near. Scheduled for April 2024, this event is anticipated to significantly impact Bitcoin’s price, a phenomenon historically marked by substantial price increases. Let’s delve into the varied and fascinating price predictions from several cryptocurrency experts, offering a broad perspective on what the future might hold for the world’s first decentralized digital currency post-halving.


1. Arthur Hayes: A Roller Coaster Ride for Bitcoin


Arthur Hayes, the co-founder and former CEO of BitMEX, presents a nuanced view of Bitcoin’s trajectory surrounding the halving event. In his thought-provoking piece, “Heatwave,” Hayes anticipates a tumultuous period for Bitcoin, predicting a sharp decline in prices both before and after the halving. He attributes this volatility to a tightening of US dollar liquidity, which he believes will fuel a frantic sell-off of crypto assets.

However, Hayes foresees a silver lining post-May 1, as he expects the quantitative tightening (QT) rhythm to decelerate and align with the regular pace of US inflation. This adjustment is anticipated to stabilize the market, paving the way for Bitcoin’s price to recover and potentially soar. Despite the initial downturn, Hayes maintains a long-term bullish outlook, emphasizing the historical resilience of Bitcoin following halving events and its ability to attract institutional investors.


2. Plan B: A Stratospheric Prediction with the S2F Model


A standout prediction comes from the renowned Bitcoin analyst Plan B, who forecasts that Bitcoin’s price could skyrocket to $532,000 by 2025. This bold prediction is based on his S2F (stock-to-flow) model, which assesses scarcity by considering Bitcoin’s fixed supply limit of 21 million and its halving events. Despite acknowledging the model’s error bands, Plan B’s analysis suggests a price range post-2024 halving between $100,000 and $1 million. His confidence in the model stems from its successful predictions following previous halvings and the fundamental principles of Bitcoin’s limited supply and halving mechanism. This staggering forecast places Bitcoin in a significantly higher valuation bracket, presenting an optimistic scenario for its future value.

S2F Chart


3. Anthony Scaramucci: A Six-Figure Summit


Skybridge Capital’s founder, Anthony Scaramucci, presents a more precise and notably bullish prediction. Scaramucci envisions Bitcoin’s price catapulting into the six-figure range, with a potential high of $170,000 or more within a year and a half post-halving. Citing his conservative estimate, Scaramucci suggests that if Bitcoin’s price is $35,000 at the time of the halving, it could quadruple to $140,000 within 18 months. His long-term outlook even compares Bitcoin’s market cap to half of that of gold, indicating a total value of around $6.5 trillion for the cryptocurrency.


4. Michael Novogratz: The $150,000 Threshold


Michael Novogratz, the CEO of Galaxy Digital, places his bet on a significant rise, with Bitcoin potentially reaching up to $150,000 after the halving. His prediction is grounded in the growing institutional adoption of digital currencies and the cultural shift towards digital assets among younger generations. Novogratz believes that these factors, along with the reduced supply post-halving, will precipitate a dramatic price increase.


5. Michael Zhao of Grayscale: A Word of Caution


Conversely, Michael Zhao from Grayscale offers a more cautious stance. He warns that while historical precedents suggest a price increase, it’s not guaranteed. Zhao points out that the market’s anticipation of the halving could lead to early price inflation, potentially dampening the post-halving effect. He also notes that external macroeconomic factors have played significant roles in past Bitcoin price surges, suggesting that the halving is but one of many factors influencing Bitcoin’s price.


Final Thoughts


The predictions for Bitcoin’s price post-halving in April 2024 span a wide spectrum, from cautious optimism to bullish forecasts predicting a dramatic surge. While experts like Plan B, Anthony Scaramucci, and Michael Novogratz predict a significant increase in Bitcoin’s value, Arthur Hayes and Michael Zhao of Grayscale advise a more tempered expectation, highlighting the influence of external economic factors. As the halving approaches, the cryptocurrency community remains watchful, hopeful that this event will mark another milestone in Bitcoin’s journey.


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