Europe’s “First” Bitcoin ETF Debut, Singapore Releases New Stablecoin Standard

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August 16, 2023

Europe’s “First” Bitcoin ETF Debut, Singapore Releases New Stablecoin Standard

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In recent weeks, the Bitcoin market has demonstrated an unusual calm, with volatility sinking to unprecedented lows. Notably, the $29K to $30K range has become something of a temporary “comfort zone” for the world’s premier cryptocurrency. According to Glassnode, this stagnant price movement, combined with indicators that hint at the market being slightly top-heavy, paints a picture of investor caution and perhaps even uncertainty about future directions.

A related highlight was the debut of the Jacobi Bitcoin ETF on Euronext Amsterdam. Billed as Europe’s “first” spot ETF for Bitcoin, its lackluster launch underlines the broader sentiment of exhaustion in the digital asset market. However, its title as the “first” has stirred controversy. Experts like Bloomberg’s market analyst James Seyffart argue that many spot Bitcoin ETPs already exist in Europe, suggesting the labeling of the Jacobi Bitcoin ETF is more marketing than a milestone.

Switching gears to regulatory landscapes, Singapore has taken a significant step with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) unveiling its stablecoin regulatory framework. This move is a clear nod to the financial world’s acknowledgment of digital assets, setting standards for stablecoin pegs and issuer requirements. As global jurisdictions, including the U.S., move closer to establishing their stablecoin frameworks, it’s evident that while the market may currently show signs of apathy, regulators worldwide are more engaged than ever, preparing the groundwork for the next phase of crypto evolution.


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