Diving Into the Bull Market: BTSE and the Social Impact on Web3 – A Comprehensive AMA Recap

Written by BTSE

March 8, 2024

In an insightful AMA session titled “Bulls are for Friends: The Growing Impact of Social in Web3,” BTSE’s CEO, Henry Liu, along with a panel of experts from the Web3 space, delved into the ways social dynamics are transforming digital finance and community engagement.

Featuring insights from BTSE, Friendzone, ARC, and Polygon, the discussion offered a vivid snapshot of Web3’s current landscape and its exciting potential for evolution into social platforms. For those who missed the live session, here is a recap.

The Future of Social Finance in Web3
The AMA tackled the burgeoning field of social finance, where Web3 is overcoming the constraints of traditional social platforms. These constraints include the limited reciprocal benefits between users and traditional social networks, where users seldom reap significant rewards from their engagement.

Web3 and decentralized technologies pave the way for a circular economy that appropriately rewards both users and projects.

Participating in the AMA were BTSE CEO Henry Liu, Friendzone Co-founder Kevin Lu, Polygon Head of APAC Sungmo “mo” Park, and ARC Co-founder Elroy Cheo. They discussed the contributions their projects are making towards the social aspect of Web3.

BTSE: Navigating the Bull Market with Social Engagement
Henry Liu set the stage by recounting the exchange’s navigation through the recent bull market. With surging trading volumes and user engagement, BTSE’s strategic focus on social initiatives like loyalty programs and partnerships with platforms such as Friendzone has allowed it to deeply engage with the social fabric of Web3. Liu envisions a future where exchanges transcend their traditional trading roles to become epicenters of community and social interaction, signaling a novel direction for digital asset platforms.

Friendzone: Pioneering the Social Capital Marketplace
Kevin Lu from Friendzone presented an ambitious endeavor aimed at redefining Web3 through a dedicated social capital marketplace. This platform seeks to convert social interactions into tangible assets by offering ‘chips’ in return for such interactions, thus enabling users to monetize their social engagement in novel ways. Friendzone’s goal is to unite traders on its platform by facilitating user follows and crypto portfolio shares, a demand that has surged with the 2024 bull market.

ARC: Empowering Communities for Collective Action
Elroy Cheo of ARC emphasized the significance of community-driven initiatives in Web3. By leveraging social committees to spark action, ARC leads the charge in investing in projects that capitalize on community strength. This approach underscores the potential of social dynamics to influence project success and investment returns within the Web3 ecosystem.

ARC’s discussion underscored the importance of empowering communities within the Web3 ecosystem, resonating with the AMA’s core themes. By focusing on community-led investments and project development, ARC illustrates a shift towards decentralized decision-making and the creation of micro-circular economies, highlighting the profound impact of social dynamics on the Web3 landscape.

Polygon: Building the Infrastructure for Social Features
Sungmo “mo” Park from Polygon shared insights into the infrastructure facilitating the integration of social features in Web3. Through partnerships like the Starbucks loyalty program, Polygon is enhancing blockchain projects with the capability to foster more engaged and participatory communities. This groundwork is crucial for the broad adoption of social mechanisms in digital finance.

Key Takeaways and the Road Ahead
The session brought together a diverse range of views on Web3’s future, stressing the pivotal role of social integration in forging an inclusive, engaging, and economically thriving digital realm. From BTSE’s cutting-edge user engagement strategies to Friendzone’s vision for monetizing social capital, ARC’s emphasis on community action, and Polygon’s support for infrastructure, the AMA illuminated various strategies being employed to merge social dynamics with Web3.

This AMA not only illuminated the current state but also set a path forward for leveraging social mechanisms to cultivate a more interconnected and vibrant Web3 community. Keep an eye on BTSE’s blog for further insights and discussions that are shaping the future of finance and community in the digital era.

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