Decoding the Future: BTSE CEO Henry Liu on Web3 and Blockchain Innovations at Sora Summit 2023

Written by BTSE

December 16, 2023

At the Sora Summit, part of Taipei Blockchain Week 2023, a panel titled “Exchanges as the Next Gateway into Web3” featured a group of distinguished leaders from the digital asset industry.

Henry Liu, CEO of BTSE, joined Alex Liu (CEO at Maicoin), Lennix Lai (Global Chief Commercial Officer at OKX), Adam Cai (CEO at Virgo Group), with Sam Reynolds (Senior Reporter at CoinDesk) moderating. This panel offered deep insights into the evolving dynamics of the industry.

Henry’s Perspective on Industry Dynamics

Henry (middle) opened with an observation about the macro-level challenges and opportunities in the crypto industry. He recognized the complexities of the current market but highlighted the positive catalysts, including Bitcoin’s upcoming technological upgrades that ease usage. His view encapsulated a blend of realism and optimism, seeing the evolving industry environment as a space filled with potential and growth.

Innovation and Technology as Key Drivers

Echoing Alex Liu’s points, Henry emphasized the need for the industry to shift focus from personality-driven narratives to technology and science. He advocated for leveraging cryptocurrencies and emerging technologies to enhance how people invest, live, and play, underscoring the transformative potential of these tools.

Flexibility and Adaptability in Service Offerings

Highlighting BTSE’s approach, Henry discussed the importance of being adaptable and flexible in serving various user needs across different regions. He pointed out the necessity for exchanges like BTSE to offer tailored services, whether in spot trading or more exotic derivatives, always keeping in mind the local regulatory landscapes and user requirements.

On NFTs and Protocol Support

Henry offered insights into the future of NFTs, predicting their comeback in different forms and with greater utility. He emphasized the critical role of exchanges in supporting various protocols and applications, making it easier for users to interact with innovations like ordinals. This approach reflects BTSE’s commitment to being at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies in the crypto space.

Network Congestion and Product Improvement

In a candid moment, Henry likened network congestion issues to a penetration test for products, suggesting a collaborative approach among exchanges to improve the overall ecosystem. This perspective showcases his proactive attitude towards challenges and his commitment to continuous improvement in the industry.

Looking Ahead

In his concluding remarks, Henry reiterated the importance of regulated environments for diverse trading opportunities, fostering a healthier investment environment. He expressed hope for more open and creative regulatory approaches, particularly in Asia, underscoring the significance of such developments for the industry’s growth.

Henry’s views on embracing technology, enhancing user experiences, and adapting to diverse market needs set a clear vision for BTSE’s role in shaping the digital asset landscape’s future.


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