Crypto Regulations in the US and China: BTSE COO Jeff Mei Shares His Views on RTHK’s Money Talk

Written by BTSE

August 25, 2023

In a recent episode of the Money Talk podcast on RTHK, Jeff Mei, COO of BTSE, was invited to share his insights on the current crypto landscape across the world – with an emphasis on U.S. regulation, and crypto’s growing presence in Asia.  


Key takeaways from the interview include:


US Regulatory Clampdown: Jeff highlighted that the recent crackdowns by the SEC have led many US-based exchanges to rethink their strategies, with some even halting services to North American customers as a precaution. Liquidity concerns and determining if crypto assets should be viewed as securities or commodities were major discussion points.


SEC’s Role and Regulatory Clarity: Jeff feels that while the SEC’s cautious pace might affect short-term decisions of exchanges, it’s important for them to carefully evaluate and provide comprehensive regulations. This is crucial for integrating digital assets into global financial systems.


Migration to Crypto-friendly Regions: Many crypto businesses are considering relocation to more crypto-friendly areas. Jeff emphasized that Hong Kong has emerged as a preferred destination, with over 80 crypto firms expressing interest in establishing a base there. The regulatory regime in Hong Kong is perceived as more open and inviting. 


China’s Stance on Crypto: Describing Chinese regulation as often enigmatic, Jeff noted that despite historical bans and regulations, there’s still significant crypto-related activity and innovation in the country. With China’s deep historical ties to the crypto industry, many believe they cannot ignore its global momentum.


Global Regulatory Environment: Highlighting the EU’s progressive stance, Jeff mentioned that regulations can be a boon for the industry, providing security and legitimacy. These regulations facilitate smoother operations and build confidence in the industry, which is essential for broader crypto adoption.


Jeff concluded by emphasizing the foundational essence of crypto as being one of hope and belief. As regulations continue to shape the crypto landscape, BTSE aims to navigate these waters efficiently and ensure the best for its users.

Listen to the full podcast on RTHK’s website here.


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