Crypto in Asia: India’s Place in the Industry

Written by BTSE

August 25, 2023

India, a country known for its vibrant culture and tech-savvy population, has played a pivotal role in the global crypto narrative. Over the years, as the crypto industry matured, India has navigated the world of digital currencies through trials, innovations, and regulations. Here’s an in-depth look at India’s journey in the crypto space.

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A Glimpse into India’s Crypto History


In 2009, India had its first brush with cryptocurrencies when Bitcoin made its debut. As with many new technologies, initial skepticism reigned. However, by 2013, Unocoin, India’s cryptocurrency exchange, launched, providing Indians with a platform to buy and sell Bitcoin. But, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) was quick to react, issuing a warning against the unregulated nature of these digital assets.

The period between 2014-2016 saw a relative stagnation in crypto prices, but the rise of multiple exchanges indicated the growing interest. 2017 witnessed Bitcoin’s meteoric rise, sparking unprecedented search interest. Yet, regulatory concerns persisted. 

2018 was a watershed year for crypto in India. WazirX, destined to be one of India’s premier crypto exchanges, started its operations. However, the RBI, taking a cautionary stance, banned financial entities from dealing with crypto-based firms, sending shockwaves throughout the industry. This move was challenged in the Supreme Court by multiple exchanges, setting the stage for a pivotal legal battle.

Meanwhile, WazirX CEO Nischal Shetty initiated the #IndiaWantsCrypto campaign, advocating for friendly crypto regulations. This public discourse culminated in March 2020 when the Supreme Court overturned the RBI’s ban. With the global interest in crypto surging due to the pandemic, Bitcoin’s value escalated remarkably by the end of the year.

In 2021, even with Bitcoin experiencing dramatic price fluctuations, the RBI and banks continued to have a cautious approach. The tug-of-war between adoption and caution persisted.


The Indian Crypto Landscape Today


Thanks to a massive tech-savvy demographic and a wave of innovative start-ups, India’s crypto market has flourished, with its value reaching US$150.214 million in 2020. Forecasts suggest that by the end of 2023, this could rise to US$222.70m.


India’s Prominence in the Global Crypto Realm


With an estimated 15-20 million crypto investors residing in India, holding assets worth around $5.37 billion, India stands tall in the global crypto space.

A youthful population, tech enthusiasts, and increased media coverage have spearheaded the push towards crypto’s entrance to the mainstream in the country.  


Looking Ahead


The government’s cautious approach, exemplified by the introduction of the ‘Digital Rupee’ and taxation measures, indicates a move towards recognizing cryptocurrencies’ potential.

While challenges remain, particularly regarding regulations and public perception, there’s no denying that crypto is carving a niche for itself in India’s financial landscape. As India continues to juggle the balance between innovation and caution, the world watches intently, recognizing the nation’s potential to be a global crypto powerhouse.


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