Celebrating Innovation and Culture at the BTSE Night Market – Taipei Blockchain Week 2023

Written by BTSE

December 15, 2023

On the night December 14 2023, the bustling city of Taipei witnessed an extraordinary fusion of culture and technology at the ‘BTSE Night Market’, hosted by BTSE, the renowned digital asset exchange, as part of Taipei Blockchain Week 2023. As the Gold Sponsor of the event, BTSE not only showcased its prominence in the blockchain industry but also provided an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

A Night of Taiwanese Tradition Meets Digital Finance

Set in the heart of Da’an District, the event kicked off at 7:00 PM with a crowd eager to dive into the festivities. Upon entering, guests were greeted by a vibrant display of Taiwanese culture, from the delightful aromas of traditional Taiwanese cuisine to the energetic beats resonating throughout the venue.

The collaboration with co-hosts Friendzone and Sumsub and the support from media partners like BlockBeats and CryptoSlate set the stage for an evening that perfectly blended networking with leisure. The BTSE Night Market was a hub of interaction, where industry leaders, enthusiasts, and newcomers alike could mingle and share insights.

A Feast for the Senses

The culinary offerings were a standout feature. Party-goers indulged in Taiwanese egg cakes, candied tomatoes, and the much-loved bubble tea. The local beer flowed freely, complementing the array of snacks and treats, ensuring everyone had a taste of Taiwan’s rich gastronomic heritage.

Networking and Entertainment

Henry Liu, the CEO of BTSE, captured the essence of the event in his speech, emphasizing the intersection of traditional culture and digital finance. His presence, along with his involvement in key panel discussions, underlined BTSE’s role in shaping the blockchain landscape.

The BTSE Booth was another highlight, where attendees could learn about the latest in BTSE Enterprise Solutions and other innovative offerings, paving the way for fruitful discussions and potential collaborations.

More Than Just a Party

The lucky draw at 21:00 was a moment of excitement, with fabulous prizes, further enhancing the night’s charm. This event was not just a celebration but a testament to BTSE’s commitment to the blockchain community, offering both entertainment and insightful industry engagement.

The BTSE Night Market was not only a night to remember but a beacon of the possibilities when tradition and innovation converge. Here’s to many more such events that celebrate the spirit of the blockchain community!


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