BTSE’s Vision & Strategic Expansion Plans for Taiwan: Insights from Henry Liu at Curve Summit 2023

Written by BTSE

December 12, 2023

At the recently held Curve Summit 2023 in Taipei, Henry Liu, CEO of BTSE, shared illuminating insights into the company’s journey, current standings, and future aspirations. This blog post encapsulates the key points of his speech for those of you who weren’t able to make it to Taipei today. Henry highlighted BTSE’s mission to simplify digital asset access and its impressive global footprint.

BTSE: A Snapshot

Founded five years ago, BTSE has evolved from focusing primarily on B2B products to launching its exchange platform in 2022. BTSE has since emerged as a significant player in the digital asset exchange domain.

Ambitious Plans for Taiwan

Looking ahead, Liu announced BTSE’s plan to become a fully regulated exchange for spot services in Taiwan by 2024. This move signifies BTSE’s commitment to expanding its influence and services in the Asian market.

Global Reach and Operations

Liu underscored BTSE’s extensive global operations. The company plays a crucial role in supporting over 30 exchanges and 60 companies worldwide, positioning itself as a vital backbone provider in the digital assets market.

Comprehensive Service Offering

BTSE transcends the conventional role of a crypto exchange. It provides a suite of modular services, including liquidity solutions, wallet services, and fiat-to-crypto gateways. With licenses across Europe and Asia, BTSE is rapidly expanding its global footprint.

Strategic Growth and Acquisitions

A key aspect of BTSE’s strategy involves acquiring and integrating several companies into its group. This expansion has grown BTSE’s workforce to over 300 globally, enabling the company to offer a complete ecosystem encompassing OTC services, spot, and perpetual futures markets.

Infrastructure and Customization

Highlighting the customizable nature of BTSE’s infrastructure, Liu pointed out that the platform can cater to specific needs like token listing or wallet services. This flexibility positions BTSE as a collaborator and technology service provider, not just an exchange.

Market Recognition

In a noteworthy achievement, BTSE has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing, trusted exchanges, consistently ranking among the top 10 and 20 on Coin Gecko. This ranking is a testament to BTSE’s commitment to reliability and innovation in the crypto space.

Support for Token Listing and Projects

For project founders, BTSE offers comprehensive support, including connections to market makers and investors. The company ensures seamless token integration, with listed tokens being available across all BTSE’s white-label exchanges.

Leading OTC Services and Payment Systems

BTSE stands out as one of the top three largest OTC desks in Asia, offering extensive banking and payout services. They also engage in credit card acquiring and issuing, and provide national Payment Institute services in the European Union.

Henry Liu’s speech at Curve Summit 2023 paints a picture of a dynamic, rapidly growing company poised to make significant strides in the global digital asset arena. With its comprehensive service offerings, global expansion plans, and commitment to innovation, BTSE is a company to watch in the coming years.


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