BTSE’s Series A Fundraising Round Achieves a $400M Valuation

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March 11, 2021

BTSE’s Series A Fundraising Round Achieves a $400M Valuation

VICTORIA, Seychelles, March 3, 2021 — Cryptocurrency exchange and digital asset technology group BTSE has completed its latest fundraising round, achieving a $400 million valuation.

The round, which concluded on January 31, raised a total of $22 million and attracted investment from a range of backers including family offices. The primary investor is a leading family office based in Hong Kong.

Jonathan Leong, co-founder and CEO of BTSE, said: “It gives us enormous pleasure to conclude this latest round, which marks another important step towards BTSE becoming a bridge linking traditional finance with the world of digital assets. 

“Investment is of course critical as we transform into a comprehensive digital bank encompassing both fiat and cryptocurrencies, and to have achieved a $400 million valuation on the basis of recent funding attests to this vision and to the broad health of the digital currency ecosystem.”

BTSE facilitates the trading of leading cryptocurrencies in the spot and futures markets and is powered by its native BTSE Token, which allows users to save on trading fees and to increase referral bonuses. The platform recently introduced an Earn feature that allows users to earn a passive income from their crypto-assets without exposing themselves to market volatility. For example, lending BTSE tokens to the platform can generate APY of 6.5%. BTSE does not require a minimum deposit, there are no fees on deposits, and the platform supports 13 fiat currencies. BTSE also supports multi-asset margin and settlement, 100x leverage, and several fiat on- and off-ramps. Additionally, BTSE will soon offer fiat top-ups directly through credit cards for much more simple user interactions.

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