BTSE x OSHI3 AMA Event Recap: Pioneering the Intersection of Fan Culture and Blockchain

Written by BTSE

March 15, 2024

On March 14, BTSE hosted a live AMA on Telegram with guests from gumi Inc. to talk about their OSHI3 project. It was a chance for the audience to learn about this new venture that mixes fan culture with the latest in blockchain technology.

YASUSHI TERAMURA, leading gumi Inc.’s Blockchain Business, and YUKI ASAKA, Director of Blockchain Business Promotion, graced the AMA, bringing their expertise to the table. TERAMURA shared his enthusiasm for the Oshi Token and Project OSHI3, while ASAKA focused on the Japanese “oshikatsu” or stan culture and the integration of blockchain into games and content related to OSHI3.

Exploring gumi Inc’s Ventures

gumi Inc. is not just about mobile online games; it’s a force in blockchain development, with investments in international funds, operations of leading blockchain nodes, and the XR field. As a member of Japan’s SBI Group, gumi Inc. is at the forefront of combining gaming with blockchain technology.

The OSHI3 Project: A Fan-Centric Blockchain Initiative

The project aims to create a token ecosystem that sustains fan engagement through OSHI tokens. By weaving fan activities with blockchain, OSHI3 extends the love for games into “creating,” “choosing,” “collecting,” and “expanding” within the digital space, thereby connecting fans to content on an unprecedented scale.

Unveiling Oshi Token and Its Market Strategy

OSHI, with an issuance limit of 1 billion tokens by BOBG PTE. LTD. of Singapore, is designed to foster a stable value over the long term. It leverages high-value game IPs and plans to interconnect various content types, reinforcing the ecosystem’s durability.

Tokenomics and Ecosystem Integration

The OSHI token stands out with its multifaceted utility, allowing for voting in polls, contributing to in-game events, and even participating in crowdfunding initiatives. A special web store is in the works, enabling the purchase of limited edition artwork and in-game items, with a marketplace for user trades also on the horizon.

Looking Ahead: New Partnerships and Game Releases

gumi Inc. has its sights set on expanding the OSHI3 ecosystem. With new collaborations and game releases like “Phantom of the Kill -Alternative Imitation-” and the forthcoming “Brave Frontier Versus”, OSHI3 is set to make waves across gaming and blockchain communities.

$OSHI Token’s Current Utility

Currently, $OSHI is integrated into games like “Phantom of the Kill -Alternative Imitation-”, a strategic RPG with over 6 million downloads, and “Brave Frontier Versus”, a new card game-inspired RPG with vibrant pixel art battles.

Stay Connected and Updated

To delve deeper into the OSHI3 project, the community is encouraged to visit the official website, peruse the whitepaper, follow the project on Twitter, join the Discord channel, and experience the games directly.

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