BTSE Will List Sora (SORA) on February 20, 2024

Written by BTSE

February 19, 2024

BTSE will list the Sora (SORA) token on February 20, 2024, making it available for spot trading. Additionally, Sora will be listed on BTSE’s wider ecosystem of 10+ white label crypto exchanges, enabling better liquidity and pricing. Users will be able to trade Sora via the SORA/USDT and SORA/USDC trading pairs. 

Key Dates

Deposits, trading, and withdrawals will be simultaneously enabled at 4:00 PM (Singapore Time) on February 20, 2024! (Supported network: ERC-20)

What is Sora?

  • Revolutionizing Video Creation: SORA is pioneering the intersection of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence in video production. It aims to democratize video creation by providing advanced AI tools that enable creators, businesses, and enthusiasts to efficiently and creatively bring their visions to life. With capabilities like generating minute-long videos of high visual quality, complex scenes with detailed characters and backgrounds, and maintaining consistency across shots, SORA is setting new standards in AI-driven video production.
  • Community and Accessibility: SORA fosters a vibrant community through its dedicated Telegram group, where token holders and AI video creation enthusiasts can engage in real-time discussions, access exclusive insights, and contribute to the project’s development. The community-centric approach, combined with easy access to join the Telegram group, underscores SORA’s commitment to inclusivity and collaboration in shaping the future of video production with blockchain and AI.
  • Crypto Investment Spotlight: Amid the fluctuating crypto market, altcoins like SORA can attract significant investor interest, especially during bullish periods. Look On-Chain’s report of a crypto trader turning a modest investment of 0.07 ETH into over $150,000 highlights the potential high rewards and risks associated with investing in low market capitalization altcoins. SORA’s zero transaction tax for buying and selling, along with its secure blockchain foundation, presents an intriguing opportunity for both investors and enthusiasts in the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency and blockchain-integrated applications.



Users can deposit/trade Sora tokens by searching Sora on the BTSE website or mobile app.

Trade on the go — download the BTSE mobile app (iOS/Android)


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