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March 8, 2023


BTSE will add two perpetual futures contracts with up to 20x leverage to its already impressive futures lineup on March 9, 2023, growing its selection of quality digital assets available to users.

The two are:

1. PEOPLEPFC (ConstitutionDAO Perpetual Futures Contracts)

ConstitutionDAO was a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) created with the goal of purchasing one of the original copies of the United States Constitution at an auction. The DAO raised over $40 million in cryptocurrency from thousands of contributors, but ultimately lost the auction to a single bidder. The project gained attention for its innovative use of blockchain technology and its attempt to democratize the ownership of cultural artifacts.

2. KNCPFC (Kyber Network Perpetual Futures Contracts)

Kyber Network is a decentralized liquidity network that enables instant and seamless transactions of cryptocurrencies and tokens. It allows users to swap one digital asset for another without the need for a traditional exchange. Kyber Network’s native token, KNC, is used as a utility token to pay transaction fees and to participate in governance decisions.

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