BTSE Will List CyberConnect (CYBER) on August 15, 2023

Written by BTSE

August 15, 2023

BTSE will add the CyberConnect (CYBER) token to its platform on August 15, 2023, adding to its users’ selection of quality digital assets. Additionally, CYBER will be listed on BTSE’s wider ecosystem of 10+ white label crypto exchanges, enabling better liquidity and pricing. Users will be able to trade CyberConnect via the CYBER/USDT and CYBER/USDC trading pairs.


Key Dates


  1. Deposits enabled: 8:00 PM (Singapore Time) on August 15, 2023 (supported networks: BEP-20, ERC-20)
  2. Trading enabled: 8:30 PM (Singapore Time) on August 15, 2023
  3. Withdrawals enabled: 4:00 PM (Singapore Time) on August 17, 2023


Introducing CyberConnect – Reimagining the Social Network Landscape

Stepping into the fore of decentralized social networking, CyberConnect’s ethos seeks to pivot from the traditionally centralized, profit-driven platforms to a more community-centric space where individuals have sovereignty over their digital identities and content. This initiative does not merely act as a medium but allows both developers and users to dive deep into an ecosystem where their connections, content, and monetization channels are unhindered by centralized dictates.

Every interaction in the CyberConnect ecosystem, from minting a profile to engaging with decentralized applications (dApps), carries with it the trace of its native utility and governance token – CYBER.


The CYBER Token

CYBER represents more than just a token – it encapsulates the ambition and drive of a platform birthed in 2021 as one of Web3’s pioneers in decentralized social networking. With a capped total supply of 100,000,000 CYBER, this token seeks to cement its place as a cornerstone of the platform’s operations.

CyberConnect’s CYBER token is set to play diverse roles within the platform. It will be central to governance, allowing holders to have a say in critical platform decisions and improvements. Furthermore, it will be the go-to currency for minting CyberProfiles, particularly those with premium usernames. In addition, CYBER aims to simplify Web3 onboarding by covering gas fees across different blockchains using CyberWallet, a groundbreaking smart-contract wallet.


What Do Traders See in CyberConnect?

At the heart of CyberConnect is a fundamental resistance to the monopolistic tendencies of mainstream social networks. The platform believes in the decentralized dream – where user data isn’t exploited for profit, and innovation isn’t stifled by a few gatekeeping entities.

This mission has borne fruit, as evidenced by CyberConnect’s traction:

A massive user base with 875,000 CyberProfiles and a monthly active user count of 300,000.

An ecosystem rich with applications, from Link3’s thriving social networking space to Oasis’ bustling metaverse.

Over 1,900 verified organizations, including prominent names like Messari, Lido, and 1inch, leveraging the platform to engage with a web3-native audience.

Since its inception in November 2021, CyberConnect has rapidly grown, amassing 327,000 monthly users and facilitating over 7.3 million transactions. Its versatile infrastructure empowers a vast range of projects, from decentralized social platforms to metaverse experiences, and it operates seamlessly across various blockchains including Ethereum and Polygon, with plans to expand further.


Want to start trading CyberConnect?

Start trading CyberConnect on BTSE now, or download our app for iOS and Android to trade on the go. 


Our aim is to create a platform that offers users the most enjoyable trading experience. If you have any feedback, please reach out to us at or on Twitter @BTSE_Official.

Note: BTSE Blog contents are intended solely to provide varying insights and perspectives. Unless otherwise noted, they do not represent the views of BTSE and should in no way be treated as investment advice. Markets are volatile, and trading brings rewards and risks. Trade with caution.


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