BTSE Unveils New Futures Grid Trading Bot and Bot Copy Trading Features

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July 12, 2023

BTSE Unveils New Futures Grid Trading Bot and Bot Copy Trading Features

VICTORIA, Seychelles, July 12, 2023BTSE, a leading digital asset exchange, has unveiled two new exciting features on its platform: Futures Grid Trading Bot and Bot Copy Trading. These progressive introductions underscore BTSE’s unswerving dedication to fostering innovation and providing a diverse range of trading solutions for its users.

The Futures Grid Trading Bot empowers users to systematize their trading approaches, enabling them to seize opportunities from various market trends, whether they’re surging, falling, or exhibiting a range-bound pattern. The Futures Grid Trading Bot allows traders to automate futures trading by simply choosing the direction of their trades (long, short, or neutral), setting a price range, and specifying the number of grids (up to 200 grids supported by BTSE) for their trading – effectively facilitating a ‘buy low, sell high’ strategy within the defined range to potentially capitalize on market volatility.

On the other hand, the Bot Copy Trading feature presents an appealing opportunity for individuals who are less well-versed in building trading bots. With this feature, users can benefit from the knowledge and skills of seasoned traders. Users can peruse an extensive array of trading bots in the Trading Bot Marketplace and replicate their strategies with just a few clicks. At the same time, veteran traders have the option to list their trading bots on the marketplace for a fee, enabling them to generate additional income while contributing to the trading community.

To address concerns about trading fees associated with frequent bot-driven transactions, BTSE has rolled out an advantageous solution known as the BTSE Token Staking Program. By staking just 100 BTSE Tokens, users can benefit from zero maker fees on all futures trading, as bot orders are categorized as maker orders. These exciting opportunities present an ideal way for traders to optimize their trading experience. BTSE encourages its users to take full advantage of these benefits to maximize their potential in futures trading. 

The introduction of futures grid trading bots and copy trading features empowers BTSE’s users with advanced tools for strategic, algorithmic trading. These innovative features enable users to automate their trades, capitalize on market fluctuations, and gain insights from the strategies employed by experienced traders. By leveraging these tools, users can enhance their trading experience and increase their potential for profitability on the BTSE platform. 

“We are delighted to bring forth the Futures Grid Trading Bot and Bot Copy Trading functionalities to our users,” said Henry Liu, CEO of BTSE. “These instruments not only provide our users the capacity to automate and diversify their trading tactics but also cultivate a collaborative ecosystem where users can share knowledge, learn collectively, and profit in tandem.”

Remaining true to its mission, BTSE is committed to perpetually refining its platform to deliver a smooth and user-friendly trading experience, while supporting initiatives that steer the evolution of the digital asset industry. The roll-out of these twin features marks yet another stride in fulfilling this commitment.

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