BTSE Spotlight: Where Security Meets Convenience

Written by BTSE

March 4, 2022

BTSE Spotlight: Where Security Meets Convenience

Security and convenience may seem like conflicting concepts. The greater the security, the more convenience that users would have to sacrifice, or vice versa. But in practice, they can indeed go hand in hand.

BTSE has introduced updates to its Know Your Customer (KYC) standard and credit card deposit feature, whereby stronger security measures also help streamline fiat on-ramp access. Users can now deposit fiat currencies (USD and EUR) using credit cards simply by passing the photo ID and selfie verification process. For the verification process, BTSE has partnered with Onfido, a global leader in identity verification and authentication.

In the past, enabling credit card deposits and bank transfers required proof of address verification, and first-time credit card deposits required card verification. The latest updates make it faster and easier for users to access BTSE’s credit card top-up feature while enjoying added security and convenience without sacrificing one for the other. 

As technology advances to bring greater convenience, security risks also gain more prominence. As ever, BTSE aims to enable users to trade confidently, upholding a high bar in security standards that also contribute to users’ convenience.

To deposit with credit cards, click here to verify ID and selfie for your BTSE account.

Happy trading!


*Please note that the updated credit card feature is only available on BTSE’s web version at the moment. Stay tuned for any related updates on the BTSE mobile app. Thanks for your support!


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