BTSE, Ninety Eight & Viction: A Global Crypto Evolution

Written by BTSE

November 2, 2023

BTSE and Coin98 hosted a memorable afterparty in Ho Chi Minh City last night, drawing in over 100 crypto aficionados and KOLs. The gathering was a celebration of Coin98’s transition, as it unveiled its new brand identity, Ninety Eight.

Earlier in the day, during their conference aptly named “The One”, leadership from Ninety Eight (formerly Coin98) and Viction (formerly Tomochain) shared their rebranding journeys. These changes mark the beginning of their ambitious global expansion plans.

Ninety Eight stands tall as one of Vietnam’s premier crypto blockchain media firms. On the other hand, Viction, hailing from Singapore, powers prominent projects like AEX, EscrowDapp, and SteezyBeez.

The bond between Ninety Eight and Viction was solidified earlier in 2023, when the former made a pivotal investment in the latter. This strategic alliance paved the way for the launch of the C98 token on the Viction blockchain this past summer. Furthermore, DWF Labs showcased its confidence in Viction with a substantial $10 million investment in October 2023.

BTSE proudly functions as an official exchange ally for Viction and added its token to its list of offerings for trade in June 2022. For a deep dive into the partnership, check out a September 2023 BTSE AMA session with Viction Growth Lead, Lak.

In a testament to the enduring partnership, BTSE is set to sponsor a slew of Viction hackathons in the upcoming months. The aim? To scout and bring onboard budding blockchain projects and innovators eager to develop on Viction.

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