BTSE One of the First Exchanges to Launch Monero Futures Trading

Written by BTSE

October 31, 2019

BTSE One of the First Exchanges to Launch Monero Futures Trading

Multi-currency and spot/futures exchange BTSE has unveiled its long-awaited Monero (XMR) futures trading, making it one of the only cryptocurrency platforms to allow users to purchase and sell long or short the most popular privacy coin on the market.

Monero was conceived in 2014 and has much in common with other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. However, while most of the individual units of typical offerings can be traced (and thus are not totally fungible), the Monero protocol ensures that the source, destination, and amount of funds transacted are masked. This has made it an ideal tool for those wishing to protect their financial privacy by thwarting even the most sophisticated of blockchain analysis.

Despite being one of the longest-standing cryptocurrencies, Monero has had something of a difficult relationship with exchanges – given its focus on anonymity, it is often looked down upon unfavorably by regulators, so much so that platforms are beginning to delist it (alongside other privacy-oriented coins, as a result of pressure from the FATF).

“We believe that privacy is one of the most important tenets of a strong digital currency,” said BTSE’s CEO Jonathan Leong. “In listing Monero, we hope not only to provide our users with more choice when it comes to their trading needs but to spark a conversation on how to list privacy coins in a regulatorily-compliant fashion.

“Cryptocurrencies such as Monero present a tremendous opportunity for financial liberation and inclusion. We feel that our role in the ecosystem will allow us to provide governmental bodies with a fair assessment of the best practices for listing such assets.”

With BTSE’s new listing, users are now able to trade XMR against Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, stablecoins (USDT, USDC, TUSD), and a myriad of fiat currencies – USD, EUR, JPY, and GBP, to name just a few. For crypto-to-crypto pairs, there are no withdrawal limits, tier systems, or KYC requirements to undergo.


About BTSE

Offering futures and spot trading as well as multiple fiat on- / off-ramps, BTSE is designed as a one-stop solution for traders at all levels to conveniently deposit, trade, convert and withdraw fiat and cryptocurrencies. BTSE’s Futures 2.0 empowers traders to customize their futures contracts by combining margin and settlement assets – it is the only exchange on the market to do so.

BTSE leverages a combination of innovative Bitcoin technologies and tried-and-tested features from the institutional landscape to provide users with a secure and efficient platform – with self-hosted servers, a horizontally-scaling infrastructure, and a state-of-the-art matching engine, it operates around the clock without downtime or system overloads.


Our aim is to create a platform that offers users the most enjoyable trading experience. If you have any feedback, please reach out to us at or on Twitter @BTSE_Official.

Note: BTSE Blog contents are intended solely to provide varying insights and perspectives. Unless otherwise noted, they do not represent the views of BTSE and should in no way be treated as investment advice. Markets are volatile, and trading brings rewards and risks. Trade with caution.

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