BTSE Launches Dedicated Crypto Terminal for Trading Bot Deployment

Written by BTSE

July 20, 2022

BTSE Launches Dedicated Crypto Terminal for Trading Bot Deployment
  • BTSE’s crypto trading terminal is powered by Margin, the world’s first platform of its kind.
  • The collaboration makes using automated trading bots simple and functional through BTSE.
  • Licensing fees are waived for BTSE users.

BTSE, a global digital asset exchange serving top crypto institutions and retail traders, has launched a new crypto trading terminal powered by Germany-based Margin. The trading terminal offers five different trading bots and allows users to create custom-built bots using Python. BTSE users can simply download the terminal and use it free of charge. Margin’s trading bot functions will be fully integrated with the BTSE platform in the near future to provide a seamless trading experience.  

BTSE is a leading digital assets exchange offering a simple and secure way to trade confidently. BTSE leverages financial decentralization enabled by cryptocurrencies, while enhancing convenience, accessibility, and returns. Margin’s integration will give BTSE users the capability to monitor technical indicators and execute pre-configured trading strategies without human intervention.

Margin created the world’s first dedicated crypto trading terminal supporting exchanges such as Binance, FTX, Huobi, and more. It is an automated, secure, and intuitive platform designed exclusively for cryptocurrency traders. Margin offers a highly visualized trading experience featuring a responsive, convenient user interface. BTSE’s collaboration with Margin aims to make automated trading bots easier to set up for users who are interested in bot trading. This automated application can also act as a trader’s risk control mechanism against losses in a volatile market, as humans are not able to monitor market movements 24/7. 

Trading bots are software programs that connect to exchanges via an API and make trades on behalf of users. They reference a variety of trading indicators and strategies configured by users, and are more efficient than humans in terms of performing fast, complex, probabilistic calculations. Margin offers a demo version with real market data to allow users to build confidence before deploying bots that trade using real funds. 

“Crypto markets are 24/7 and never sleep. Having a variety of trading bots and tools helps traders navigate these markets while trading on BTSE. Crypto trading bots are for both beginners and advanced users as they can facilitate more profitable and well managed entries and exits during times of volatility and abnormal conditions. We are excited to bring new trading bot features to our users, allowing them to utilize tested and proven trading terminals like Margin,” said Henry Liu, Chief Executive Officer of BTSE.

“Margin offers an easy to use, user-friendly trading terminal. By using this application, users can set up different strategies to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. The trading terminal also offers users a graphic user interface (GUI) that provides several features like detailed charts along with drag-and-drop options to configure the trading strategies,” said Jonathan Maycock, Co-founder and CEO of Margin.

The trading terminal adds to the growing features on the BTSE platform, offering users an multifaceted trading experience with potential to earn passive income. To find out more information about this new feature, tutorials, and download options, please visit


About Margin

Margin launched its crypto trading terminal in 2017. It includes 5 different types of trading bots and the possibility to code customized bots using Python. They currently have around 16,000 users and up to 3,000 daily active users. Please find more information about the terminal, trading bots, and the company at


About BTSE

BTSE is a leading digital assets exchange that empowers users by offering a simple and secure way to trade. Its proven technology powers a growing suite of digital financial services. BTSE’s products and services feature multi-currency spot and derivatives trading, over the counter (OTC) trading, and asset management. 

BTSE aims to advance users’ investment goals leveraging financial decentralization enabled by cryptocurrencies while enhancing convenience and accessibility. The exchange enables users to trade confidently by delivering a one-stop solution that encompasses digital assets and fiat currencies.

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