BTSE Integrates First Digital USD (FDUSD) as Quote Currency, Adds 7 New Spot Trading Pairs

Written by BTSE

August 23, 2023

BTSE Integrates First Digital USD (FDUSD) as Quote Currency, Adds 7 New Spot Trading Pairs

BTSE is thrilled to announce the integration of First Digital USD (FDUSD) into its platform, enhancing its wallet support and introducing it as a dynamic quote currency. This progressive step aligns with BTSE’s continuous dedication to enhancing trading versatility through its diversified coin offerings.

With this exciting integration, BTSE proudly presents the following trading pairs for FDUSD:


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What Is First Digital USD (FDUSD)?


First Digital USD (FDUSD) is a 1:1 USD-backed stablecoin issued by FD121 Limited and operates under the brand name, First Digital Labs. Unlike many volatile digital assets, central to FDUSD’s operations is its commitment to transparency and stability. 

Every FDUSD token is backed by robust reserves, mainly cash and equivalent assets. This assurance ensures that each circulating FDUSD has a tangible dollar as its cornerstone.

Taking transparency up a notch, FDUSD conducts regular independent audits of its reserve account. These monthly reports are publicly available, allowing users to stay updated with the coin’s backing via the First Digital Labs website.

Beyond stability, FDUSD pioneers with its programmability, ushering in a new era where financial contracts, escrows, and insurance can be executed sans intermediaries.


What’s Next for BTSE and FDUSD


In the coming days, BTSE plans to amplify the stablecoin’s versatility by rolling out more platform support for FDUSD, including spot listing, Convert, OTC, and Express Buy functionalities. This will empower users to seamlessly swap FDUSD directly on BTSE. 

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!


Our aim is to create a platform that offers users the most enjoyable trading experience. If you have any feedback, please reach out to us at or on Twitter @BTSE_Official.

Note: BTSE Blog contents are intended solely to provide varying insights and perspectives. Unless otherwise noted, they do not represent the views of BTSE and should in no way be treated as investment advice. Markets are volatile, and trading brings rewards and risks. Trade with caution.

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