BTSE Integrates BSC, Welcomes BNB Listing

Written by BTSE

August 26, 2021

BTSE Integrates BSC, Welcomes BNB Listing

BTSE has listed Binance Coin as part of its BSC network integration, providing users with an alternative for lower fees and faster transactions.

BTSE has completed its integration of the Binance Smart Contract (BSC) protocol. As part of the integration, BTSE is pleased to welcome Binance Coin (BNB) onto the platform, dedicated to expanding the range of quality digital assets made available to its users.

BTSE provides users with BNB spot market and wallet support, enabling them to access a variety of applications through the BSC network. Integrating BSC offers them functions including liquidity mining, staking and transaction mining.

BSC presents an alternative to the Ethereum network; its lower fees and faster transactions can help users bypass the congestion and costs associated with the latter.


What Are BNB and BSC?

Binance Coin is Binance’s utility token initially built on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token in 2017. It was migrated over to the Binance Chain when the blockchain was built in early 2019, making BNB its native token.

Binance Chain, designed based on the standard rules outlined by BEP2 for token management on the chain, was built to be a platform where users can engage in decentralized applications (DApps). Since its launch, the chain has received a lot of attention and recommendations across the crypto space, attributed to its range of utilities, from trading to payments to storage.

The platform aims to create a blockchain that will function as an alternate marketplace for exchanging, using, and issuing digital resources in a decentralized fashion. 

BNB’s popularity grew during the recent bull run, thanks to the widespread adoption of the BSC protocol among investors looking for an alternative to the Ethereum network.


Users Gain Access to BNB’s Rise

BNB has seen its price rise quickly since the start of the year, trading below $50 in February before surging in just three months to reach an all-time high of $686 in May. It became a top 10 cryptocurrency by market cap, surpassing major names like Ripple (XRP) and Litecoin (LTC).

Listing BNB on BTSE enables users to access the opportunities from the token’s rapid rise, with BNB expected to continue to gain wider adoption and utility.

Binance Coin currently has a market capitalization of $76 billion as of August 25, trading at $493. Its 24-hour trading volume is nearly $3 billion, with a circulating supply of more than 154 million BNB coins.


Our aim is to create a platform that offers users the most enjoyable trading experience. If you have any feedback, please reach out to us at or on Twitter @BTSE_Official.

Note: BTSE Blog contents are intended solely to provide varying insights and perspectives. Unless otherwise noted, they do not represent the views of BTSE and should in no way be treated as investment advice. Markets are volatile, and trading brings rewards and risks. Trade with caution.

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