BTSE First to List MBM Token (MBM)

Written by BTSE

August 23, 2021

BTSE First to List MBM Token (MBM)

BTSE has welcomed the MBM Token (MBM) onto its platform, becoming the first exchange to list the token. This latest addition provides users with new opportunities to access a token that powers MBM’s platform.

MBM is a decentralized protocol for the issuance of structured investment products (SIP) as NFTs and it improves the technology underpinning how SIPs are created, distributed, traded and managed over their lifecycle.

Crypto-based fintech MBM Foundation created the token to support its ecosystem of investors, exchanges, DeFi services and traditional CeFi issuing partners who will offer MBM Structured Investment Products through the MBM platform and SDK.


Financial Infrastructure Token

The MBM Foundation is headquartered in Poland, and its directors work with crypto exchanges, payment networks, wallets, and other businesses providing fiat-to-crypto services.

MBM is known as a financial infrastructure token. MBM Tokens, created on the ERC-20 protocol, are utility tokens designed to ensure the settlement of payments on the MBM platform and to be used as collateral locked in smart contracts to support the creation of MBM Structured Investment Products. At the time of issuance ownership of MBM tokens grants the right to:

  1. become a member of the MBM platform and community;
  2. to stake MBM tokens through MBM Dapp and receive staking rewards; and
  3. to access a fiat-to-crypto gateway on-ramp through MBM Dapp and receive a discount on payment processing fees.

In the future, MBM tokens will also be used as smart-contract-locked collateral for the issuance of MBM SIPs. MBM’s listing price on BTSE is $0.075 on August 23.

Bringing MBM onto its platform reinforces BTSE’s commitment to making high-quality digital assets accessible to its users. It recently listed FTX Token and Curve DAO Token, growing its token range that already includes ADA, DOT, LINK, UNI, SUSHI, BTC and ETH, among others.


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