BTSE at Taipei Blockchain Week 2023: A Perfect Blend of Tradition, Innovation, and Interactive Engagement

Written by BTSE

December 18, 2023

Taipei Blockchain Week 2023 was a vibrant showcase of innovation and culture, with BTSE, the esteemed digital asset exchange, playing a pivotal role. The event was marked by a unique blend of Taiwanese cultural richness, insightful discussions, and an exciting Pikachu-catching event. Central to BTSE’s presence was Henry Liu, the CEO, whose appearances and insights were a highlight of the week.

BTSE Night Market Afterparty: A Cultural Extravaganza

The BTSE Night Market Afterparty in Da’an District emerged as a symbol of cultural celebration, blending Taiwanese traditions with the digital finance world. Guests indulged in local delicacies like Taiwanese egg cakes and bubble tea, creating a festive atmosphere that fostered networking and camaraderie among industry leaders and enthusiasts.

Pikachu Event: Gotta Post ‘Em All

Adding a playful dimension to the event, BTSE’s Pikachu promotion became a hit. Attendees eagerly sought out BTSE Pikachus wandering around the venue, with a MacBook Pro awarded to 1 lucky guest for online posts of their discovery. BTSE’s Pikachus quickly stole the hearts of participants at the both, who eagerly sought out the wandering pocket monsters. 

Henry Liu’s Impactful Appearances

Henry Liu’s presence throughout the week was a beacon of leadership and insight. His speeches and panel discussions were much more than ceremonial; they were deeply insightful and reflective of the current state and future potential of the blockchain and crypto industry.

  • Announcement of Expansion Plans: Kicking off the week, Liu announced BTSE’s expansion plans for Taiwan, signaling the company’s growing influence and commitment to the region.
  • Panel Discussions and Keynotes: Liu participated in several key panel discussions, sharing his perspectives on various topics such as the evolving dynamics of the crypto industry, the importance of technological innovation, and the strategic direction of digital asset exchanges.
  • Insights into Industry Challenges and Opportunities: Liu’s speeches were marked by a balance of realism and optimism. He addressed the macro-level challenges in the crypto industry, while also highlighting the positive catalysts and potential for growth.
  • Vision for the Future: Liu’s discussions went beyond the current state of affairs, delving into the future of blockchain technology and digital finance. He emphasized the need for exchanges to adapt and be flexible, catering to the diverse needs of users across different regions, and underscored the importance of embracing emerging technologies like NFTs.


Taipei Blockchain Week 2023 was a testament to BTSE’s commitment to the blockchain community, offering a perfect mix of entertainment, cultural appreciation, and industry insights. Henry Liu’s appearances added significant depth to the event, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the industry’s current landscape and a glimpse into its promising future. BTSE’s innovative approach, combined with its cultural and interactive engagement, set a high standard for future events in the blockchain and digital finance space.


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