BTSE and Manta Network Discuss Decentralization, Privacy, and Web3 on SlateCast Podcast

Written by BTSE

April 6, 2023

BTSE and Manta Network Discuss Decentralization, Privacy, and Web3 on SlateCast Podcast

BTSE’s CEO Henry Liu and Manta Network’s Co-founder Kenny Li recently appeared on CrypsoSlate’s popular SlateCast podcast to discuss the latest trends and issues surrounding decentralization, privacy, and Web3 technologies. As leading experts in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, Henry and Kenny shared valuable insights on the future of the digital landscape.

BTSE is a premier digital assets trading platform, while Manta Network is a cutting-edge layer one privacy protocol for the decentralized web. The episode titled “Countering Big Tech dominance with ZK privacy solutions”, saw Henry and Kenny engaged in a dynamic conversation covering a wide range of topics. 



One key highlight was the discussion on the significance of data ownership and user experience in the new era of the Internet. Henry emphasized the importance of users having control over their data, stating, “Data ownership has become a critical issue in today’s digital landscape. Users should have control over their data and how it’s used, without being subject to centralized control.”

Kenny highlighted the importance of privacy in the digital world, “Privacy is a fundamental human right, and it’s essential to protect user data from being exploited. With Manta Network’s innovative privacy protocol, we’re working towards enabling secure and private transactions on the blockchain.”

The episode was filled with thought-provoking ideas and insights from the two experts, who shared their visions for a more decentralized and user-centric digital future. Henry emphasized the need to foster innovation while safeguarding privacy and data ownership, stating, “The potential of Web3 technologies is immense. We need to work towards building a more transparent, decentralized, and user-centric digital world.”

Henry Liu and Kenny Li’s expertise and perspectives shed light on the future of the digital landscape and the importance of user-centric approaches in the evolving world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.


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