BTSE and BOA Alphaline Announce Strategic Partnership to Broaden Digital Asset Investment Opportunities for Institutional and High-Net-Worth Investors

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June 21, 2023

BTSE and BOA Alphaline Announce Strategic Partnership to Broaden Digital Asset Investment Opportunities for Institutional and High-Net-Worth Investors

VICTORIA, Seychelles, 21 June 2023 – BTSE, a leading digital asset exchange, and BOA Alphaline Group Limited, a distinguished consortium of cryptocurrency investment professionals catering to both institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs), and an affiliate of BOA Financial Group, today announced that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This MOU demonstrates a shared commitment to collaborate on offering enhanced opportunities for institutional and individual wealth investment in digital assets.

This MOU signing marks a significant milestone for both entities, laying a robust foundation for a potential strategic alliance. Leveraging its expertise in the realm of cryptocurrency investments, BOA Alphaline will synergize its strategies with BTSE to optimize and streamline the client onboarding process for both institutional investors and HNWIs onto the BTSE platform.

The partnership between BTSE and BOA Alphaline emphasizes strategic initiatives designed to provide professional-grade services tailored to meet the needs of both institutional clients and HNWIs. Through BTSE’s advanced digital asset exchange platform, BOA Alphaline will offer its diverse clientele a streamlined process for investing in digital assets. The collaboration seeks to bridge the traditional investment world with the innovative realm of digital assets, delivering a solution that caters to the evolving needs of contemporary investors.

This collaboration is set to significantly expand the opportunities available to institutional investors and HNWIs in the digital asset space. By marrying BTSE’s robust platform with BOA Alphaline’s financial acumen, the partnership aims to provide a secure, efficient, and transparent pathway for diverse investment into cryptocurrencies.

“Institutional and individual interest in digital assets has been growing rapidly. Through this strategic alliance with BOA Alphaline, we aim to provide an intuitive gateway for all investors seeking to unlock the investment potential offered by digital assets. Our collaboration ensures that all types of investors are well-equipped to navigate the dynamic landscape of digital assets,” said Henry Liu, CEO of BTSE.

“At BOA Alphaline, our unwavering commitment is to continually elevate the value we deliver to our clients. This alliance with BTSE marks a significant stride in this mission, enabling us to offer our diverse clientele, including HNWIs, a broader spectrum of investment opportunities within the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape,” said Kewic Ng, COO of BOA Alphaline.

This partnership presents a promising advancement for both institutional investors and HNWIs in the cryptocurrency industry, addressing the unique challenges associated with digital asset investments and ensuring that a wider audience can access the benefits of the digital asset space with confidence.

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BOA Alphaline Group Limited, an affiliate of BOA Financial Group, is a highly esteemed team of professionals possessing extensive knowledge and experience in the cryptocurrency industry. The team, including licensed financial experts, legal professionals, and cryptocurrency specialists, has been at the forefront of the cryptocurrency industry since 2017, specializing in cryptocurrency trading and delivering consistent and sustainable results for their clients. Learn more at

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