BlackRock’s ETF Outpaces MicroStrategy as Ethereum Gears Up Against Quantum Threats

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March 11, 2024

BlackRock's ETF Outpaces MicroStrategy as Ethereum Gears Up Against Quantum Threats

Bitcoin (BTC) has shown resilience over the past week, maintaining its gains and hovering near the $70,000 mark without significant sell-offs, indicating strong market sentiment. The increase in Bitcoin whales, with addresses holding over 1,000 Bitcoins, underscores a bullish outlook. Concurrently, the cryptocurrency sector has seen a boost in optimism as the total value locked in DeFi protocols surpasses $100 billion, marking a significant recovery according to data on DefiLlama, albeit still shy of the November 2021 peak of $189 billion.


What to Watch Out for Today


1. BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF Surpassing MicroStrategy: BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin ETF (IBIT) quickly accumulates over 195,985 Bitcoins, outdoing MicroStrategy’s stash. This move has not only showcased BlackRock’s dominant entry into crypto holdings but also sparked a notable rise in Bitcoin prices, surpassing $70,000. For investors, this underscores the intensifying institutional embrace of Bitcoin, signaling a possibly bullish market trend. Ready to adjust your portfolio?


2. Bill Ackman’s Bitcoin Consideration: Billionaire Bill Ackman ponders buying Bitcoin amidst concerns that a surge could hike energy costs, potentially inflating the economy. However, critiques highlight Bitcoin’s mining efficiency and its use of otherwise wasted energy, dismissing significant inflation risks. This development presents a nuanced view of Bitcoin’s economic impact, advising investors to weigh energy dynamics in their crypto engagements. Long Bitcoin?


3. Protecting Ethereum from Quantum Threats: Vitalik Buterin proposes a “simple” hard fork to shield Ethereum against quantum attacks. This security enhancement involves a new transaction type, leaning on existing cryptography and smart contract wallets for better defense. As quantum computing advances, this preemptive strategy suggests Ethereum’s commitment to safeguarding assets, urging stakeholders to stay informed on developments for future-proofing investments. 


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