Bitcoin’s Rollercoaster Ride; Saylor’s Unwavering Faith, dogwifhat Picture Sold for Millions

Written by BTSE

March 19, 2024

As digital currencies navigate through regulatory developments, technological advancements, and shifts in investor sentiment, we bring you the latest highlights from the crypto industry. Bitcoin reached an all-time high near $74,000 in recent days following record inflows into the Bitcoin U.S. spot ETF. Despite this, however, it has experienced a price correction to around $65K – a low point in its 14 day bullish streak – amidst slowed ETF inflows. This shift in price has led to concerns about future price directions and potential further corrections, leaving investors wary of the implications for their strategies – more on that below. Ethereum (ETH )also appears to be experiencing correction, and is trading down 4.83% at approximately $3,400 this morning. 


Bitcoin’s Rollercoaster Ride Amid ETF Influx: Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, has recently been on a rollercoaster, peaking at an all-time high near $74,000. This surge was propelled by record inflows into spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the U.S., with a staggering $2.6 billion in fresh funds recorded. However, the celebration was short-lived as Bitcoin’s price took a sharp turn downwards, now hovering around $65,000. This decline is attributed to a deceleration in ETF inflows, stirring concerns about the next direction for Bitcoin’s price. With the crypto analytics firm 10X Research pointing to potential further corrections, investors are watching closely. Could this be a temporary setback, or is it indicative of a more significant trend? How might this affect investor strategies in the coming days?


Saylor’s Unwavering Faith in Bitcoin with New MSTR Capital Raise: In a bold move signaling confidence in Bitcoin’s long-term value, Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy is reportedly gearing up for another capital raise aimed at purchasing more Bitcoin. This comes amid Fidelity’s push to introduce a unique feature for its potential Ethereum ETF, allowing traders to stake a portion of the fund’s assets. With industry giants like BlackRock, Ark Invest, and Grayscale also in the race to launch Ethereum ETFs, the landscape for cryptocurrency investments is becoming increasingly competitive and diverse. As the crypto market evolves, how will Saylor’s aggressive Bitcoin accumulation impact MicroStrategy and the broader market? Will other companies follow suit? Is this a cue for investors to double down on their crypto holdings?


A Picture is Worth a Thousand ETH: In a remarkable event on the crypto auction platform Foundation, the original photo of Achi, a dog donning a pink beanie & theme of memecoin dogwifhat, was sold for a staggering 1,210 ETH, amounting to approximately $4.3 million. This auction caught the attention of the entire crypto community, especially since it was won by the influential trader GiganticRebirth (GCR), renowned for their market insights and accurate predictions. GCR’s involvement not only highlighted the intrinsic value placed on digital art within the crypto space but also led to a noticeable 10% jump in WIF prices, underscoring the impact of significant transactions on market dynamics. Which memecoin could make headlines in the NFT sphere next?


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