Bitcoin’s Resilience, Ethereum ETFs on the Rise, and Telegram’s Super App Ambitions

Written by BTSE

September 28, 2023

Bitcoin’s Resilience, Ethereum ETFs on the Rise, and Telegram’s Super App Ambitions

Despite the S&P 500 hitting a three-month low and a rise in the US dollar index (DXY), Bitcoin (BTC) has maintained its position above the $26,000 mark, indicating a resistance to aggressive selling at lower levels. While this near-term uncertainty has resulted in cautious trading, it hasn’t discouraged long-term investors (e.g. MicroStrategy) from incorporating Bitcoin into their portfolios, showcasing enduring confidence in its value.


What to Watch Out for Today


1. Ethereum Futures ETFs on the Horizon: Bloomberg analysts hint at the potential trading of Ethereum futures ETFs in the U.S. as early as next week. Why the rush? An impending government shutdown might be accelerating the SEC’s approval process. With 15 ETFs from nine issuers in the queue, this could be a pivotal moment for Ethereum exposure. What’s the takeaway? For those eyeing investment opportunities, this could be your chance, but stay alert for market shifts and official confirmations. Long Ethereum?


2. Telegram Morphing into a Super App: Telegram is stepping up its game, aiming to become a super app reminiscent of WeChat. How? By developing a platform for third-party mini apps, with a little help from TON Foundation and Tencent Cloud. This decentralized approach could see Telegram offering a myriad of services globally. What’s interesting here? Developers, here’s your cue to dive into decentralized app creation on Telegram’s platform. And for the users? A plethora of services and functionalities are coming your way. Long Telegram, long TON?


3. Tecpetrol Tapping into Crypto Mining for Sustainability: Argentinian oil company Tecpetrol is turning heads by converting gas waste into energy for cryptocurrency mining. Set to launch its first facility in Argentine Patagonia, the company aims to cut down on emissions and energy waste. But here’s the catch – crypto mining still demands energy generation and comes with the unpredictability of crypto prices. What should you do? If sustainability is your game, keep a close watch on Tecpetrol’s venture for green investment insights.


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