Bitcoin’s Rally Retreat, Ripple’s Legal Respite, and Cosmos’ Crypto Crossover

Written by BTSE

October 4, 2023

Bitcoin’s Rally Retreat, Ripple’s Legal Respite, and Cosmos’ Crypto Crossover

Bitcoin (BTC) experienced a robust rally at the start of the week, momentarily surpassing $28,500, before facing a sell-off that brought its price down. At the time of writing, it was trading at $27,432, erasing some of its earlier gains. Despite this setback, the nearly 6% rise since the start of September has broken the usual trend of declines in that month. Many market enthusiasts remain hopeful, eyeing the $30,000 resistance level as a potential future milestone for Bitcoin.


What to Watch Out for Today


1. SEC’s Ripple Case Takes a Twist: A federal judge has snubbed SEC’s appeal motion against Ripple, with XRP seeing a 5% price uptick post-decision. What’s the buzz? The judge’s callout on SEC’s insufficient grounds for appeal hints at a tougher stance against regulatory overreach. The case isn’t over though, with an April 2024 trial date set for lingering issues. What to do? Crypto enthusiasts and investors, keep an eye on how Ripple navigates the regulatory waves, as this case might set a precedent. Long XRP?


2. Bitcoin Enters Cosmos Network via Osmosis: In a collaborative stride, Osmosis, Nomic, and Kujira are bridging Bitcoin to the Cosmos network, unveiling nBTC for enhanced DeFi applications. The lowdown? Come October 30, transfer your Bitcoin, get nBTC, and explore over 50 appchains on Cosmos. Initially, a 21 BTC cap is set for secure bridging. Your move? If diversifying your crypto portfolio rings a bell, mark the date and venture into Cosmos’ expanding ecosystem. Long nBTC, long Cosmos?


3. Hong Kong Aiming to Revive East Asian Crypto Sphere: Despite China’s crypto clampdown, Hong Kong’s crypto-friendly strides are spotlighted in a Chainalysis report as a potential catalyst for East Asian crypto resurgence. What’s unfolding? With a thriving OTC market and robust institutional transactions, Hong Kong is crafting a conducive environment for crypto trading and innovations. The ripple effect? Hong Kong’s stance might just spur other East Asian nations towards a crypto-receptive trajectory. If Asia’s crypto market intrigues you, watch how Hong Kong’s progressive policies play out in the broader region.


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