Bitcoin’s Bullish Surge, Ferrari’s Crypto Drive, and Australia’s Regulatory Voyage

Written by BTSE

October 16, 2023

Bitcoin’s Bullish Surge, Ferrari’s Crypto Drive, and Australia’s Regulatory Voyage

Bitcoin (BTC) surged approximately 4.5% to nearly $28,000 during Monday’s Asian trading hours, fueled by optimism for a potential U.S. Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) approval. The upswing, erasing the past week’s losses, follows the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) decision not to contest a recent Grayscale ruling. This non-appeal may pave the way for Grayscale’s popular Bitcoin Trust to transform into a more accessible ETF, marking a significant milestone in U.S. crypto regulations.


What to Watch Out for Today


1. Ferrari Racing into the Crypto Lane: Luxury car brand Ferrari is now accepting crypto payments in the U.S., with plans to soon extend this to Europe. What’s behind the wheel? Wealthy clients have been requesting this shift, and Ferrari sees it as a chance to connect with a younger, crypto-savvy clientele. The twist in the road? Though processed via BitPay, currency conversion shields dealers from the volatile crypto market swings. What’s the pit stop advice? For those with hefty crypto wallets, you might want to park a Ferrari in your garage. But, keep an eye on crypto’s regulatory roadmap. Long Ferrari, long crypto?


2. Australia Sets Sail on the Crypto Regulatory Wave: The land down under is drafting legislation to license crypto exchanges. Expected to set sail by 2024, this move aims to bring Australia up to speed with global crypto currents. The navigator’s compass? A focus on consumer protection and aligning with global standards. What’s on the horizon? Crypto businesses in Australia, gear up to adapt to these impending regulations. This could be a beacon for shaping Australia’s crypto voyage. 


3. U.S. Strikes Bitcoin Gold with Massive Seizure: The U.S. has become one of the largest Bitcoin holders in the world, seizing a whopping 200,000 Bitcoins from cyber felons and darknet markets. Where’s the treasure chest? The Bitcoins are anchored in encrypted hardware wallets, awaiting legal clearance for liquidation. The map’s hidden trail? This massive acquisition raises questions about the U.S.’ crypto stance amidst regulatory fog. Bitcoin investors, mark your charts for potential tidal shifts when Uncle Sam decides to offload its stash. 


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